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By Robby

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UPDATE! Here you can check out the article where I’ve answered all your questions below!!!

Hello my fellow foreign English speakers!

Are you having any English grammar related questions that have been bugging you for a long time but you just can’t figure out the right answers?

Now you can ask me ANY English grammar related question and I guarantee I’ll answer it in the most detailed and helpful way I can!

Here’s the plan (I just thought of it this morning and personally think it’s a brilliant plan!):

  • You post your question in the comments section below
  • I put ALL of your questions in an article
  • I respond to each and every single one of your questions
  • As a result we’re going to have a massive article on this blog where I’ve answered all your questions!

UPDATE! Here you can check out the article where I’ve answered all your questions below!!!

Just think about it – not only you’ll get your own question answered, but you’ll also bound to come across some other question that’s also going to be really helpful in your particular situation 😉

So please my friend, if you have a couple of minutes to spare – just head over to the comments section below and ask your grammar related question – and remember, no question is too simple!

I’m going to answer them all ❗

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  • fayaz

    Question: The initiative would defitinitely make a positive impact

    Sentence is here

    i) The sentence implies FOTP ______

  • fayaz

    Vocabulary question
    Find antonyms for the followings:
    i) protect:——–
    ii) traditional:——

    Do as directed.
    i) The peacock is vahan (vehicle) of khandoba and is special for us.
    [Use — not only —– but also]
    ii) It means the abode of peacocks and tamarind trees.
    [Frame a wh-question to get underlined part as an answer]
    [Underlined part—the abode of peacocks and tamarind trees]

    Do as directed

    i) He filled ____ inkpot and kept it on _____table.
    [ Use — appropriate articles]

    ii) The by jumped _____ the river ____ the road.
    [Use-correct preparations]

    iii) The girl said to the man, ”I’m stranger here. Will you please help me.
    [ change the narration ]

    Do as directed.
    i) the members received their identity cards.
    [Identify tense in the above sentence]

    ii) FOTP would generate road safety.
    [Use — ‘se to]

  • fayaz

    1.Complete the following by using your own words.
    1# Bombs may fall on ______or________
    2# they will wound _________ ____________

    *Vocabulary question.
    Write the noun forms of the following
    i) produce- _______
    ii) collect- ________

    *Grammer questions.
    i) The manure provides a good source.
    [Rewrite beginning with (A-good source—–]
    [Rewrite the sentence using-‘Unless’]

    ii) there is a possibility of finding employment.
    [Rewrite using ‘infinitive form’ of the underlined word—–finding]

  • Irmela

    Hi Robby,
    Please explain the grammar concepts regarding the use of the word “being” in the sentence below:
    Living a meaningful life is not about being rich, handsome or successful.
    What part of speech is “being”?
    Are there any other words I could use instead of being?
    Why are there two “be verbs” in one sentence – is and being?
    Sorry for the silly questions, and thank you in advance for your help.

  • Jardel Lucca

    Hi Robby,

    We all know that famous quote “there is a sucker born every minute”.

    Born is not a noun here (otherwise it should be “birth”). According to my grammar, the quote should be “a sucker is born every minute”. What’s wrong with my understanding?


  • Annabelle Laws

    If i have the sentence ‘The man who had been smothered in mud’ is smothered a verb or adjective?

  • esraa hamad

    what should i choose here :
    Do you think the character in this story …….. on a real person
    b)is basing
    c)has based
    d)was based
    by the way i think that we should choose d)was based because we need to use the passive form but my english teacher said that both a)based and d)was based can be correct . can you please explain it ? and does this have any relation with the verb’s being transitive or intransitive ?
    finally, i would like you to correct any mistakes in my writing .

  • Kevin Marshburn

    If I were to say to you…” I’m going in the other room for my own comfortablity.” Am I using the word comfortablity correctly?

  • Atharv Pandey

    Please pre-order the sentence please

  • suraj

    What is this country heading towards?
    Where is this country heading to?
    What is this country heading to?
    Where is this country heading towards?

    Which of the above four questions is most grammaticaly correct?

  • Ryan

    Do participles and conjunctions have the same concept?

  • anis zaman

    One of his family members is dead.
    Why is this sentence incorrect?

  • sanjana vittal

    Should it be ” The faculty welcomes the students to the academic year 2017-18″ or “The faculty welcomes the students for the academic year 2017-18” ?


  • Palden Zimba

    Answer my question plz help me out ASAP

  • Palden Zimba

    1)while shopping in a busy market, my pocket was picked and i didn’t know about it till i needed to pay ( begin: someone…..)

  • kimi

    Is everyone sleeping.
    -This sentence is correct. Everyone, each, every, everybody, somebody, nobody, somebody, someone, no one are treated singular and hence take a singular verb such as ‘is’, ‘was’, etc…

  • English Harmony

    Here are some versions :
    “I have trouble getting along with others”
    “I struggle in getting along with others”
    “I have difficulty in getting along with others”

  • Ravi

    Can i say .. ” I am hard at getting along with others” and what does it mean

  • Dummu

    We—(have) breakfast in the morning


    A dog bit me and left a big ugly wound on my leg. Is it necessary to put a comma between big and ugly ?

  • verygapes

    Can a word have two different plural form? I’m wondering because as a tech nerd I refer to more than one optical mouse as some optical mouses, but if it is the rodent I call them mice.

  • Rokas Vi

    Can I say How much kills? Or How many kills? It is for a video game I had an argument with a friend. Or can you say both?

  • Jeffrey Lee Pressman

    Hidden is better than hiding, although either is grammatically correct. “Hiding” is a gerund, extending the verb “to hide” into continuous action. The frogs are searching and hiding simultaneously, which balances the whole sentence by making its two clauses equivalent, instead of using the second clause to qualify — that is, explain — the first. “Hidden” is the adjectival form of the verb “to hide,” describing something that is not visible: frogs. This is slightly superior here, to my ear, because now the second clause supports the first clause by explaining it. Why can frogs search underwater? They “can” (are able to) do this because underwater they can become hidden, therefore safer from birds. However, in both solutions, I don’t like the proximity of “hiding” or “hidden” to the word “underwater.” It’s clear enough but could be clearer. As a useful tip, adjectives want to be as close the noun they modify as possible, making the description completely unambiguous. For example, the disadvantage of “hidden” is the slight potential to infer that the food, not the frogs, is hidden from birds. A good writer spots that potential confusion and corrects it by locking down the connection between frogs and hiding. For example: To hide from birds of prey, frogs search for food underwater.

  • Jeffrey Lee Pressman

    What I want is love and respect.
    What I want are love and respect.

    I do NOT wish to rewrite the sentence to read: Love and respect are what I want. I specifically wish to know if this sort of subject — “what I want” — has a proper term to describe it, and if it is always singular. I have seen both in highly edited sources, such as the NY Times. To my ear, in the example above, “is” sounds better, but in other longer constructions, “are” sometimes sounds better. Is there a rule that applies here?

  • Riya James

    I had a small doubt.. Drinking country liquor at marriage is a custom ______ certain tribes… is it “in / among” certain tribes.. If it is ” among “.. why is that?.. why can’t it be ” in” ?

  • Saiful Islam

    “With due respect to state that…” here please tell me about the use of that. Which parts of speech is ‘that’ here?

  • Meena Meena

    Say me article plzzzzz…..there was ….apple no the table

  • Geetha

    The meeting will be ___ shortly .Which preposition will come here?

  • anotherdaycn

    Can you help with a grammar question? Here’s the sentence: Frogs can search for food underwater, (hide) from birds of prey. I think it should be “hiding” here, but the given key is “hidden”. Many thanks!

  • Donna Davis Carpenter

    I hear “how this all happened”. Shouldn’t it be “how all this happened”?

  • Wahidkhan

    Is everyone sleeping? Are there any grammatical errors in this question?

  • Gracy June

    Could you tell me part of speeches in this sentence? I’ve got it from The Economist.

    ‘That was when Xi Jinping, already the world’s most powerful man, let it be known that he will change China’s constitution so that he can rule as president for as long as he chooses—and conceivably for life. ‘

  • Chingakham Lip

    accused of / accused for
    which is correct ?

  • mannat

    I ——— give you this book if you like. Fill modals. can / must

  • Rao Aayush Yadav

    He died yesterday anyway there was …… Hope of recovery

  • noel pepsi

    The scope of the test does not include:
    a) Chapter 1
    b) Chapter 5 or Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8 in which lessons are not related to Relative clause.
    What is the correct understanding of b) here?

  • Ana

    Hey what does a cargo of children and
    Crowded with may mean???

  • Kosha

    I think so, but you can’t say: I can cook just as good as you if not better. Here an adverb must be used, I can cook just as well as you if not better

  • Kosha

    Hi everybody! As far as I know, “farther” and “further” can both be used in comparison. But the problem is, that in the test I’m doing the answers include both of these words.
    We never travel … than this town.
    a) far b) farthest c) farhter d) further
    I think c) and d) are the right answers, but I have to choose only one! So, is there any rule excluding either of them in certain situations?

  • Girlzcout

    as adjective as
    I know the grammar rule states this format means “equal” but I’ve always understood it to mean similar or greater. For example, he runs as fast as the wind. Doesn’t mean he runs the “exact” same speed as the wind. The light is as bright as the sun. Doesn’t mean literally as bright so can I say that they are both bright, NOT that they are equally bright? My cooking is as good as yours. I could be arguing that I can cook just as good as you if not better…. Can I say that these statements mean similar (adjective wise) not necessarily equal? like both bright (not necessarily equally bright) or both fast (not exactly equally fast)? Thanks in advance.

  • Tammie oldham

    You’re right, I’m sorry. I had not read his bio so was thinking he was just ripping people off who seriously needed to learn proper English. And it would be: “Ask me any question related to grammar.”

  • No Name

    I would say like “Ask me any question related grammar” or somehow differently. Anyway, you shouldn’t be rude, this guy has done a lot to help us as english learners.

  • Tammie oldham

    “HOW you gonna get there ???” What is your 1st language, because it is clearly not English. It would be “How are you going to get there?”

  • Tammie oldham

    ‘He asked if I had taken any photographs of the event.’ Please don’t come here for grammar advice – this is clearly NOT someone who’s an expert in the English language, much less grammar.

  • Tammie oldham

    I’m curious how it is that you consider yourself a grammar expert when even your introductory text reads like English is your second language? Case in point: “…not only you’ll get your own question answered, but you’ll also bound to come across some other question…” There are so many errors in that sentence alone! I think I’ll look elsewhere for any help with English grammar.

  • vasudev

    He asked me if I had took any photographs of the event