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English Phrasal Verb: “To Carry Out”

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Hello my friends foreign English speakers! 😉

I’ve been away for some time due to my other commitments – Fluency Gym Coach Program – to be more specific.

Now I’m back with another English idiomatic expression, and this time around it’s a phrasal verb ‘to carry out’.

It’s quite a simple English phrasal verb meaning ‘to make it happen’, ‘to accomplish a task’, but I’d still advise you to watch the video above to see how this particular phrasal verb is used in real life conversations.

Well… Not that I’m having a conversation with some other person in this video, but you can rest assured that I would speak with others the very same way I have these monologues in front of a camera. I don’t differentiate between speaking with others and speaking with oneself for the simple reason that it’s a perfect way of exercising one’s spoken English!

So, watch the video above, take notice of how I use the phrasal verb ‘to carry out’, and try to do some spoken English practice on your own!

Chat soon,


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