Top Secret! (How To Achieve Truly Confident Spoken English)

By Robby

If you are new here please read this first.

My dear website readers, YouTube channel watchers and Twitter followers! You can religiously stick to my advice on how to improve spoken English, but if you miss the most important component – your road to fluent spoken English will be filled with potholes!

You can really gather yourself up every time you feel that your confidence in spoken English drops. You can start speaking slowly and pick the words carefully as I’ve told you should do when you feel your mind racing. You can also use really simple words to explain yourself to prevent from getting stuck if you can’t remember the very exact phrase or word you want to say in English. But once again – if you miss the most important part of the equation, you’ll be always struggling with maintaining constantly fluent English!

So which way you want to go? Do you want to be able to consciously use all the good advice on improving your spoken English and keep making effort OR you want to reach a point in your life where you don’t have to make an effort at all to speak fluently?

If I were you, I’d definitely take the last route and I believe you’d too!

OK, I’ll stop teasing you for any longer and I’ll reveal the biggest secret that anyone who’s eager to improve their spoken English should be aware of.

So here it is – FAITH.

Are you surprised?

Yes, it is simple.

And no, it doesn’t mean you have to stop making effort to improve all aspects of English – speaking, writing and reading. If you’ve been following my videos for a while and been around reading my blog posts here, you already know that I’ve been struggling with English fluency myself. Only thanks to my perseverance and hard work I’ve overcome the English fluency issues.

You should spend most of your time speaking – with others, or even with yourself if you’ve no one to talk to. And I don’t deny you should also read as it widens one’s horizon in terms of English understanding and also general intelligence.

But here’s how FAITH binds all the rational factors together – it is the light in the dark so that you can always follow it and maintain progress and upwards going trend of a constantly IMPROVING English language.

If you have FAITH IN YOURSELF you’ll never get desperate again no matter how embarrassing the situation is when you start making mistakes speaking English.

You’ll be ALWAYS aware of the unshakable fact that your English IS fluent.

Suddenly everything else stops being relevant.

It will take some time to do the programming job and tune your mind on the right wave. But when you finally reach a stage in confidence when you can stop seeing a mistake during your conversation as a SURE SIGN of another drop in English fluency, you’ve done the hardest part of the job.

You start seeing yourself as a winner instead of a loser. You start KNOWING for sure that your English IS fluent instead of just HOPING that you won’t make another mistake and relapse into a stage of bad English.

Most surprisingly – by just dreading it would happen can bring it about! It’s like telling yourself: ‘I’ll speak fluently, I know my English is good!’ but at the same thinking: ‘I already know I can start speaking really bad at any moment!’ Well… What you think will most likely happen!

And when it happens and you really experience another stupid situation when you’re unable to say something in normal English, you silently confirm it with yourself: ‘You see? I knew it would happen!’

From this moment and on there’s no more defeatist attitude. Do away with your old self and start thinking only positive.

So IS your English fluent despite some occasions when you’re unable to explain something and you start stuttering and hesitating? ARE you a confident English speaker despite becoming anxious when speaking to your boss or work colleagues?

Then your English IS fluent and you just have to start BELIEVING in yourself.

Simple as that, my friend! 😉


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