English Idiomatic Expression: “Down the line”

By Robby

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We never know what’s going to happen down the line – isn’t that right my friends?

But let’s not get too pessimistic – after all, it’s time to learn another English idiomatic expression, and I actually just used today’s phrase – “down the line”! 😉

This English idiom is quite simple, and it’s just another way of saying “in the future”.

Are you wondering then what’s the difference between the two phrases? Are you asking the question – “Why use ‘down the line’ if I can simply say ‘in the future’?”

I warmly suggest you stop asking questions like the ones I just mentioned! They’re not going to avail you of anything apart from only getting you more confused. So please read this blog post I wrote a short while ago about the bad effects of too much question asking and analysing.

So, just repeat and memorize today’s phrase “down the line” and watch the video above to see how it’s used in real life so that you can start using it in your daily English conversations!

Chat soon,

Robby 😉

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