English Collocation: Eagerly Anticipating

By Robby

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Hello boys and girls! 😉

Today I’m bringing you another English collocation, and this time around it’s the following one:


These are the exact words native English speakers use to describe the excitement of awaiting for something to happen, basically it’s when you want something to happen very, very much and you’re so anxious that you can barely contain your excitement!

We all eagerly anticipate something.

My blog readers eagerly anticipate new videos and new articles to appear on my website.

I eagerly anticipate new comments on my blog and my YouTube videos so that I can respond to them and be of use to the English Harmony community.

But what is it that you eagerly anticipate?

Write it in the comments section below, and let me see that you can use the new English collocation EAGERLY ANTICIPATING in a sentence ❗

And quite obviously, you’re welcome to watch the video above (or listen to the podcast in case you can’t watch the video content) where I’m providing a few more examples on how this particular English word combination is used in real life.

I’ll be eagerly anticipating your comments, my friends!


Robby 😉

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