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English Idiomatic Expression: “It’s Not to Be Taken Lightly”

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Hello my dear followers!

I hope you’ve been putting my advice to good use and you’ve been incorporating various English idiomatic expressions into your daily English conversations!

So, how’s it been?

Have you been taking action?

Well, try being totally honest with yourself and admit if you’ve been a bit lazy – recognition is the first step on the road to recovery – that’s what they say in Alcoholics Anonymous, if I’m not mistaken …

Of course, addiction such as alcoholism is not to be taken lightly, and I’m not trying to make a fun of it. All I’m trying to do here is draw parallels between being addicted to a substance and being addicted to procrastination which is sometimes JUST AS harmful to our development as substance abuse ❗

Just think about all the lost opportunities you might be missing out on simply because you haven’t been practicing your spoken English!

Just think about how fluent you might have become if you’d been heeding to my advice and you’d been trying to use every single of my English idiomatic expressions in your own conversations!

It goes without saying, my dear friend, that the gains in terms of your spoken English fluency would have been enormous if you’d been doing everything I just mentioned, so please don’t take it lightly and start engaging in regular spoken English practice RIGHT NOW ❗

Watch the video above where I’m providing you with quite a few examples on how to use the expression “it’s not to be taken lightly”, and try to do a similar self-practice session.


Chat soon,


English Idiomatic Expressions

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