English Idiomatic Expression: “It’s only when you… that…”

By Robby

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Here’s another daily English expression video, and this time around I’m looking at the following sentence: “It’s only when you… that…”

Please note that this is not your typical English idiomatic expression, and I strongly doubt you’ll find it in any English phrase lists. Nonetheless, it’s important to learn such and similar sentences because they will help you greatly to make your point ❗

Once you’ve memorized this sentence structure – “It’s only when you… that…”, you can apply it on countless different conversations!

Whenever you have to emphasize something and further describe the fact you’re talking about – this sentence is perfect for that purpose.

And of course – if you want to hear some examples of this phrase in use, please watch the video above!

See you soon again,

Robby 😉

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