English Collocation: May Have Been Led to Believe That…

By Robby

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Hello boys and girls! 😉

In today’s English idiomatic expression video you’re going to find out how to use the following collocation:


Yes, it may seem like a very complicated English grammar construct because it’s Passive Voice, Present Perfect and it also begins with MAY – basically it really looks like a handful when you try to pronounce it first time around.

You’ve got to bear in mind, however, that the key to English fluency is AUTOMATION. Just repeat it a good few times and you’ll realize that it’s not that difficult after all!

Also, you also have to stop analyzing the sentence MAY HAVE BEEN LED TO BELIEVE THAT… from the grammar standpoint and wonder WHY you have to say it this exact way.

All you need to start using it in your own daily conversations is being able to say it without much thinking in the right situations:

  • When pointing out to someone that something they believe in isn’t really true
  • When pointing out that something everyone believes in general isn’t the way it seems

So, watch the video above for more example sentences containing today’s phrase, and I’d be really glad if you posted comments below this blog post on how you’d use this collocation.

Give me some example sentences!


Robby 😉

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