English Idiomatic Expression: MUST HAVE

By Robby

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This time around we’re going to look at the following English idiomatic expression:


Well, to tell you the truth, it’s not really your typical idiomatic expression because it only consists of two words.

I’d be more precise if I told you that MUST HAVE forms idiomatic expressions in combination with other words, and here’s a few examples:

  • I’m not feeling very well, I MUST HAVE eaten something bad!
  • So, you’re back from your trip – what was it like? It MUST HAVE been some experience!
  • Was Julie off for a couple of days? She MUST HAVE been sick!

Now, I hope you’ve started getting the bigger picture in terms of how MUST HAVE can be used.

But you’re always welcome to watch the video above where I’m giving you extra info on how to use this expression in real life!


Robby 😉

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