10 most common slangs you should start using Today

By Shivam

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Conversations sometimes become so monotonous and boring if you stick to traditional phrases and methods, isn’t it?

A lot of work situation definitely require a formal vocabulary and code of conduct, but the same isn’t true for informal situations like talking with your friend.

Ain’t I right Medha? Or whatever your name is.

Informal vocabulary or slang has its own importance in the conversation and no one can deny that. You may be one of the nicest guys in your friend circle, but there will be situations in your life where they will definitely come in handy if you don’t wanna sound monotonous and boring in your conversation. First and foremost, let’s see what they mean:

What are Slangs?

Slang is vocabulary that is used between people who belong to the same social group and who know each other well. Slang is very informal language. They can be even offending if you use them in formal situations. It is for this reason people often use slang in informal situations to sound less formal and be friendlier in the conversation.

Caution while using!

You need to extra cautious while using them in your conversation since they can be offensive, depending on the situation and person to person. You won’t say to your boss something like ‘Hey dude!’ or ‘Chill out’ for the fact your boss is not your friend. You can definitely use them with your friends, but you should strictly avoid using them in front of people like your boss, teachers or principal. Now I am leaving the rest for you to judge when to use them and when not.

10 Most common Slangs you should start using Today!

Meaning: You must be knowing one meaning of this word which is to achieve something with perfection. The other one is, awesome or something that is really cool.

  • Ace! Our team won the football world cup!
  • He aced his central defense service examination.

Meaning: Here the slang doesn’t mean to make a hole. It is used for something you really like. I personally love using this one and you must have definitely heard it in American series or movies.

  • I dig your black leather jacket.
  • Do you dig his new sports car?

Meaning: Did you notice I used it above? I know you are smart and read everything thoroughly so you must have (And in case you didn’t, I used it in explanation para of slang ‘Ace’). Though I don’t think there would be a single person who doesn’t know what it means, in case you don’t, it means ‘great’ or ‘fantastic’.

  • I think the latest song from this pop singer was quite cool.
  • You always look so cool when you wear all denim.

Meaning: another term for dollar.

  • How many bucks can you give me right now?
  • Joe lent me 1000 bucks for the party.

Meaning: It is used when something is brilliant or terrific.

  • We have a smashing time at his party.


Meaning: It is used as an exclamation of surprise.

  • A: I invested all saving in that business.
    B: Crikey! Did you not leave even a single buck?

Chill out
Meaning: It means to relax.

  • Let’s chill out this weekend.
  • We were chilling out at the bar yesterday.

Meaning: It means to study hard and learn everything in a short period of time.

  • Robin crammed the entire notes just before few days of the exam.
  • He didn’t study even a single chapter, he now has to cram the entire course within a month.

Have a blast
Meaning: It means to have a great time.

  • We had a blast at Robby’s party yesterday.
  • Everyone had a blast at his marriage ceremony. It was just awesome!

Meaning: It means something that is wonderful and amazing. Awesome is such a popular slang word in English all over the world that you will hear it people saying it from an age group of 8 to 80.

  • The trip was just awesome!
  • Is it okay if I I pick you for the party at 7 PM?

How many of them did you already know?
A few?
Or all?
Did you dig them?
Or you thought they were awesome?
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Keep learning and improving.
Take care, and till then?

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