11 Love and Relationship Phrases for this Valentine’s Day

By Shivam

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, love is in the air these days, so I guess you must be having some nice time with your partners, isn’t it?

It is for this reason, I thought why not write about expressions and phrasal verbs related to love and relationships.

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My name is Shivam and welcome back to today’s article where you will learn about idiomatic expressions and phraseology related to love and relationships that you must know while conversation this Valentine, or even if you are single.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the business:

Read the context carefully…

Josh: Harry keeps on hitting on every second girl in the bar.
Ben: It was yesterday when he split up with Emma and today I saw him asking out another girl at a café.
Josh: He is such a creep. Everybody thought they were a match made in heaven, but his behavior is the reason she broke up with him.
Ben: At least it’s better for Emma that she parted her ways with a man who cheated on her.
Josh: Yeah, that’s the positive side one can consider, but she is really going through a rough patch.
Ben: She must be for sure.
Josh: I heard you were dating Nicole these days. Is that true?
Ben: Yeah, that’s true. I just had a crush on her before, but as the time passed, I started falling for her.
Josh: So how long have you been dating her?
Ben: It’s been almost 3 three months and our bond is getting even stronger each day.
Josh: That’s so sweet. Did you pop the question?
Ben: Not yet, I am looking for the perfect moment.
Josh: What about this Valentine? It’s hands-down the best day for it.
Ben: I think you are right; I will have to plan a right place for it.
Josh: That’s awesome!
Ben: See you later, bye.
Josh: Bye-bye.

11 Idiomatic Expressions and Phrasal Verbs about Love and Relationships


Hit on someone: To show someone in a direct way that you are attracted to him/her, or flirt with someone.

  • Ron was trying to hit on Emma at my birthday party.
  • It is a fact that there is no worth trying to hit on a taken girl so Joe should stop trying such things.

Split up: To end a relationship

  • They had a fluctuating relationship, so they split up.
  • The celebrity couple has decided to split up due to a long distance relationship.

Ask someone out: To invite someone to go with you, especially because you have romantic feelings for the other person.

  • He is gonna ask Susan out this Valentine.
  • Did you ask out Emma for a date?

Match Made in heaven: A very successful combination of two people or people who are perfect for each other.

  • If you look at them, they absolutely look like a match made in heaven.
  • Joe and Brie are definitely a match made in heaven, they look so perfect together.

Break up: to end a relationship

  • They broke up yesterday after a fight.
  • Things were not going well in their relationship, so they broke up.

Part your ways- to leave each other due to fluctuating relationship.


  • She parted her ways with Ben because of his rude behavior.
  • The couple parted their ways because they could not manage a long distance relationship.

Cheat on someone: to have a secret affair with someone else other than your partner.

  • The couple broke up because he was cheating on her back.
  • You should never cheat on your partner if you want a healthy relationship.

Rough patch: to go through a tough time

  • She has been going through a rough patch after she broke up with Ron.
  • Their relationship has been going through some rough patch, so they decided to split up.

Had a crush on: to be infatuated or enchanted with someone.

  • I came to know at the pub yesterday that Ben has a crush on Emma. Is that true?
  • Do you have a crush on his friend?

Fall for: to be attracted to someone and start loving that person.

  • “I think I am falling for Emma”, said David.
  • She fell for him at the first sight when she saw him at the college festival.

Pop the question: to propose for marriage.

  • Emma popped the question to Chris at his birthday party.
  • She said yes the moment as he popped the question.

I hope you would have found this article informative and easy to learn. Make sure you learn these all idiomatic expression off by heart so they become a part of your active vocabulary.
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