11 Sports Idioms – Learning with Theme!

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Learning in theme has its own advantage as it kind of help to link back to a particular situation when to use this or that idiom or phraseology. And since I wrote about its importance in my previous blog article, it kind of struck my mind that it was a bit incomplete in some sense.

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It is for the fact, although the main explanation is quite short and up to the point, but if we cover it deeply with different scenarios and situations, it will kind of be a package full of idioms and phraseology like the one Robby developed- English Harmony System, which is jam-packed with tons of phraseology and idioms used in daily life with speech repetition technique and much more to make them all your second nature.

Beating around the bush is definitely something that I don’t like and never practice as well, so without further ado, let’s get down to the business and learn some of the vocabulary related to sports-

11 Sports Related Idioms you must Know!


At this stage of the game

Meaning: At this particular point in a process or situation.


  • At this stage of the game, the boss decided to partner with new investors so the company could be saved which was suffering the loss of millions.
  • Both are doing equally well, so it’s hard to tell who will win at this stage of the game.

Ballpark figure

Meaning: an approximate number, or estimate


  • Can you give me a ballpark figure of how much this company makes in a month?
  • If I have to give you a ballpark figure, I would say we made more than 10 million in the past three months.

Bat a thousand

Meaning: to be successful in an endeavor or in multiple areas of one’s life.


  • He was batting a thousand in his school days- he was good in every sport, he was good in studies, and won many drama competitions.
  • His new company is batting thousands in the market.

Choose sides

Meaning: To ally or agree with one person or group in an argument.


  • My daddy tries to avoid choosing sides between me and my brother.
  • “It’s tough to choose sides when both are special for you.”, said John to his wife.

Out of left field

Meaning: to be completely unexpected, to be a surprise (from the game of baseball)


  • Susan just came up with the business proposal out the left field.
  • The problem came out of the left field. I dunno how we will manage everything now.

Fighting chance

Meaning: A small possibility to succeed or overcome a situation.


  • He has the fighting chance of winning this competition against the national level players.
  • There is not even a fighting chance he can make it into the final of this game.

Get the ball rolling

Meaning: to get a process started


  • To get the ball rolling, we need more investors in our company.
  • We plan to start immediately and get the ball rolling on our project.

Go to bat for (someone)

Meaning: If you go to bat for someone, you give them your support or help.


  • I could have batted for you, but you insisted not to.
  • We want you to bat for us in the marketing field since you have been our partner for more than a year now.

Hit someone below the belt

Meaning: to deal someone an unfair blow, to not follow the rules.


  • John hit below the belt when he blamed every failure of the company to the marketing staff.
  • He said he would give his laptop to me for $800, but now he is asking for $1200. That’s completely hitting below the belt.

In the home stretch

Meaning: the last part of something.


  • The major part of the project is complete; we are just in the home stretch now.
  • We can’t say who is gonna win this match although it’s in the home stretch.

Pinch-hit for (someone)

Meaning: to substitute for someone in any situation.


  • It’s hard for someone else to pinch-hit for Ben. He is the only one who knows inside out of this project.
  • Can you pinch-hit for John in this conference today?


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