Ask Me ANY English Grammar Related Question You May Have!

By Robby

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UPDATE! Here you can check out the article where I’ve answered all your questions below!!!

Hello my fellow foreign English speakers!

Are you having any English grammar related questions that have been bugging you for a long time but you just can’t figure out the right answers?

Now you can ask me ANY English grammar related question and I guarantee I’ll answer it in the most detailed and helpful way I can!

Here’s the plan (I just thought of it this morning and personally think it’s a brilliant plan!):

  • You post your question in the comments section below
  • I put ALL of your questions in an article
  • I respond to each and every single one of your questions
  • As a result we’re going to have a massive article on this blog where I’ve answered all your questions!

UPDATE! Here you can check out the article where I’ve answered all your questions below!!!

Just think about it – not only you’ll get your own question answered, but you’ll also bound to come across some other question that’s also going to be really helpful in your particular situation 😉

So please my friend, if you have a couple of minutes to spare – just head over to the comments section below and ask your grammar related question – and remember, no question is too simple!

I’m going to answer them all ❗

Chat soon,


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  • Nallavanukku Nallavan

    I want some clarification regarding physical harm

  • Benedict Brown

    I’m working on a little project about a man who died in 1987. I know he wanted to marry a woman, but I don’t know the period. I’m writing a letter to a relative of this woman who can help me. I want to ask her a question about when the man proposed, but I don’t know which of the following phrasings is correct:

    1) When had he proposed to her? In the 1970s or 1980s?
    2) When did he propose to her? In the 1970s or 1980s?

  • Erin Roland

    Spouses and children encouraged to join
    Spouses and children are encouraged to join

  • Crypto

    Athough the text emphasized technology’s influence on communication, it is not the only factor effecting our ability to communicate……this seems like correct usage to me

  • Saz

    “An ordinary cat lover” or “an ordinary a cat lover” ?

  • Theaa

    Hey, can you help me with this?
    1)Write inversion od the following
    If David bought that car, he would regret it.
    2)And can you tell me if these subjunctives are correct?
    A) if only I have accepted that job.
    B) if only You have read that e-mail until the end.
    3) Make a cleft sentence.
    He washes his car every day. ( Washes is emphasized)

  • Rishabh Mansinghka

    can u find out grammarly mistakes in this question?
    I have a beautiful Bike, my brother has 1 too.

  • Sami Hart

    My eldest brother would be correct.

  • Sami Hart

    Twelve years have passed since his uncle died.

  • Sami Hart

    if its about tense I am trying to appraise you would be correct

  • Sami Hart

    1. Had she come to the house for the first time?
    2. Did she come to the house for the first time?

    I feel that question number one is not entirely correct to stand on its own because I think that it needs another clause to make it complete. So, my question is Can question number one be correct as well.

  • Muhammad Asim

    I am trying to appraise you
    I am try to appraising you

    which one is correct?

  • Manas Sethi

    twelves years have passed since his uncle died.
    twelves years have passed since his uncle has died.

    which one is correct ?

  • Ravi Parmar

    “My _______brother is turning sixty next week? (A) Oldest(B) Eldest(C) Either could be used here(D) Both A &B ” – In this que . Are C and D Option both correct?

  • english student

    Can you say “No matter how strong measures are implemented on the systems,…” ?

  • Nada Sabry

    I’d like to know the right answer
    The sentence : Why did you (miss – lose ) last week game ?

  • Lee

    Are there any errors in the two sentences “The survey found that laptops and notebooks remain essential.” and “These are key parts of whom and what they become as individuals.”

  • Ali

    Is it: The project had been going bad, but now it’s getting even worse.
    Or: the project had been going badly, but now it’s getting even worse??

  • Leslie Hanke

    The sentence is: “Basic black shoes, belts and socks are required.” Does this mean that the belts and socks are also required to be black in color or just the shoes to be black in color?

  • Justy

    Is it: He is the person I know.
    OR: He is the person whom I know.

  • Trisha Nordick

    I have a question. Please tell me how to correctly put commas in this sentence.

    The patient was doing well, and according to the caregiver, was ready to go home.

    The patient was on his way home and, by and large, went home the next day.

    I struggle as to where I should place the comma; before or after and in these examples?

  • Girlzcout

    yes, one is in distance the other is in progression along with other items… farther.

  • Girlzcout


  • Girlzcout