What to Do If I Find Spoken English Self-Practice Boring…

By Robby

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Hello my friends!

In this video I’m addressing the following question that I get asked a lot:

Robby, you’re constantly saying we should practice English with ourselves, but it’s really boring… What do you suggest?

Well, it’s true – I keep going on about the effectiveness of spoken English self-practice like a broken record, and let me repeat myself once more – SPOKEN ENGLISH SELF-PRACTICE is HANDS DOWN THE BEST way of improving your fluency, full stop!

As for the BORING part – I don’t buy it.

Seriously – if you’re saying it’s BORING, most likely you haven’t actually realized what such spoken self-practice entails, so please watch the video above and hopefully I’ll be able to explain everything so that you start seeing the true benefits of spoken English self-practice!


Robby 😉

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  • Well, I don’t know if you watched the entire video but the point I’m making in it is quite the opposite – we actually CAN compare self-practice to real conversations and self-practice is even MORE beneficial! I guess you didn’t read the article I mentioned in the video so here we go: http://englishharmony.com/speaking-with-yourself/ – please read it and you’ll realize why I’m claiming self-practice is more beneficial than real conversations!

  • Kleber Pereira

    Hello Robby,
    This issue also comes to me. Really, we can’t compare self-practice to a real conversation. Particulary, I feel much more motivated when having conversations, I could talk for hours because I really like it! Otherwise, it doesn’t happen in spoken self-practice, I can not create many situations or go through subjects. Furthemore, I feel like don’t using my real potential on it. However, a friend of mine love self-practice, perhaps, this issue can be individual or simply a habit.
    Thanks for the video.