English Fiction Books I’m Going to Read Before I Die (Kick the Bucket)!

By Robby

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English Fiction Book Bucket List

Hi boys and girls,

My name is Robby, I’m a foreigner (Latvian, to be more specific), and I’ve been reading ONLY English fiction for the last 8 or 9 years.

I started off by trying to improve my English fluency by reading newspapers followed by simple children books, and soon enough I’d achieved complete English reading fluency while at the same time my vocabulary was still quite limited (I learned how to infer meaning of less known words and expressions from the context alone!)

A few years down the line, however, I realized that reading had done relatively little to my ability to speak. Spoken English self-practice turned out to be the most effective way of improving my oral fluency, and so I’ve been focusing on that aspect of my English improving routine ever since.

Nonetheless, reading English fiction became my passion – I’ve read dozens upon dozens of heroic fantasy books as well as plenty of dystopian fiction which is currently my favorite genre and I plain LOVE IT!

If you’re a foreigner – just like me! – and you also love reading English fiction (or maybe you’ve always wanted to do it but don’t know where to start?), here’s a list of books I’ve lined up for reading this year (maybe it’s something that’s going to pique your interest as well!):

FRAGMENTS by Dan Wells

It’s the second book in the Partials series and here’s what it’s all about – the world as we know it has ended because a deadly virus has wiped out almost the entire civilization – unless, of course, we include bio-robots who are trying to invade the last human colony in order to find an answer to their own problem – how to get rid of the expiration date that kills them off once they’ve lasted for 20 years (if I’m not mistaken!)

Great book, I’m currently reading it, and even though I’m busy doing loads of other things (running my other blogs, creating a new product for American accent learners and much more), I still find time to read!

ANGELFALL by Susan Ee is a book my daughter suggested I read next – and I’ll definitely do as she says because she’s got an excellent taste in English fiction and it’s quite similar to mine. After all, she’s the one who introduced me to dystopian fiction, and while Angelfall is not your typical dystopian fiction, the main motif is still quite dystopian-like. It doesn’t matter a bit to me that this time around it’s a bit supernatural – about angels and the like – when I read the Hush-hush series, I quite enjoyed it!

ARTICLE 5 by Kristen Simmons – another book recommended to me by my daughter, and judging by the short synopsis on the website I’LL BE LOVING IT! True dystopian fiction – the state has disintegrated, martial laws have been enacted and normal citizens are being arrested for things nowadays every human being would consider our birth rights! Amidst it all – teenage kids and their involvement in the story which is always adding plenty of unexpected turns of events.

THE SCOURGE by A.G. Henley – another young adult writer, and while you may think I’m trying to re-live my teenage years through this type of fiction, I’m telling you – you’d find it just as interesting as I do!

By the looks of it, this book is going to be different from everything I’ve read so far – a sightless girl, and then the Scourge comes and she hides from it – sounds promising enough!

ENDERS GAME by Orson Scott Card is another dystopian book on my bucket list, and while the Wikipedia article classifies this one as military science fiction (I’ve never heard this type of a description before, have to watch out for it when looking for new fiction to read!), I’m pretty sure it’s just what I’d love to read – the future has seen our society break apart, the military rule, plus the kids – perfect combination! On top of that – my daughter currently is reading this book and she says it’s brilliant. How could I not include it into my bucket list then?

EVE & ADAM by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate – to be honest with you, I want to read this book just because I’ve immensely enjoyed the GONE series written by the same author Michael Grant, and I’m pretty sure he won’t let me down this time around either!

CHAMPION by Marie Lu. This book is still in the pipeline and is to be launched on November 5 this year, and it’s highly anticipated by me and other dystopian fiction fans worldwide!

This is the third book in the LEGEND series, and it’s all based in the future (just like any decent dystopian fiction!) where the government resembles a fascist dictatorship and many people have to constantly fear for their lives just because they hadn’t been lucky to be born in a family from an affluent background.

The love story by June and Day makes this series especially captivating and interesting to read, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the third and final part of the series!

* * *

This list is by no means inclusive – I’ll keep adding on more books as I go along, and I’ll mark the ones I’ve read and link to their respective reviews – so that you can see what I think about them!

So, are you a foreigner and you’re looking for easy-to-read English fiction?

Then look no further than these books:

  • They’re written for teenagers therefore there’s less formal language;
  • There’s plenty of action so you can rest assured you’re not going to be bored;
  • Unexpected turns of events are GUARANTEED

Thanks for reading,

Robby 😉

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  • rahul

    Dear Robby,
    When you read the novels, do you note down each and every idiomatic expressions and collocations? What is the secret behind such persuasive writing skills?

  • rahul

    How about john GrIslam, James Hadley chase?

  • fictionrobby888

    Thanks George, I am the perfect reading machine indeed! ;-))

  • George

    hey u r really doing well.
    u r like fuel of machine.
    thanks buddy, go on.