Spoken English Practice While Driving to Work

By Robby

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Improve Spoken English

Are you curious about how I do my daily spoken English practice?

Then here you can have a peek at my typical morning in a car while commuting to work. It takes me around 30 minutes to make the full journey, but don’t worry – I recorded only 15 minutes of it so that you don’t have to spend that much time glued to the monitor!

Basically this gives you a pretty good idea of what your own spoken English practice might look like if you’ve been considering doing it but never really got round to it.

It’s easy, you’re just voicing your thoughts and killing your time while at the same time improving your fluency.

Sounds like a win-win situation for me, what do you think? 😉


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English Harmony System
  • I’m glad you like my advice, I hope you’ll be able to put it to good use! 😉

  • Tooba Siddiqui

    Great Idea, thanks Robby

  • Sorry, I didn’t quite get what you meant…

  • Francisco Javier

    I know what you’re driving at with your video!