English idiomatic expression: “Come to think of it”

By Robby

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It’s been a few days now since I published my latest English idiomatic expression video, so I’d better not wait any longer because I know how eager you guys are to watch my videos and see what new English phrase I’ve prepared for you! 😉

This time around it’s the following: “Come to think of it” – and you can use it whenever you’re reminded of something during a conversation, and then you want to share that memory with your conversation partner.

Also, you don’t necessarily need to use this phrase DURING a conversation.

You may just as easily START a conversation with this expression IF you’ve been doing some thinking on a particular subject and now you’ve suddenly remembered something that would add a new dimension to your previous chat.

If that’s the case, you can use the phrase “Come to think of it” as an opening phrase to start a conversation with someone, or just to make a statement.

But now you can watch the video above to see what exactly I’m talking about here!

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  • Daisy

    you know what i come to learn 1 new phrase and i come up with 4 phrases 🙂 strike a chord, get carried away, put forward on the table, come to think of it ..
    what a great deal 🙂

  • Thanks Francisco! 😉

  • Francisco Javier

    Nice phrase. Good thinking!