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  • Raychatu S

    Hello Mr Robby are the words interesting and interested related or different

  • Please check out this article where I’ve outlined the basic steps for improving your English:

  • aungmyatthu

    Hi Mr Robby,
    I am a new learner to get english fluency method. Please advice to to learning is the best way for me?

  • Hi Touhid,

    Please start with reading this article and following the steps outlined there:

  • Thanks!

  • touhid

    hii guis i am new student i wanna lern english what should bee done for it plz suggest me.

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    You’re really out of the world.Thanks so much. Keep doing. Go to way!!!!

  • Check your spam folder! Your e-mail client may have re-directed the confirmation e-mail to spam – especially if it’s Hotmail you’re using!

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  • No problem Jang!

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  • Hi Zaw Min Oo,

    Thanks for introducing yourself, I hope you’ll enjoy reading my articles and watching my videos!

  • Zaw min oo

    Hi, bro, you seem really great in your description upon how to get fluency in English. I’m a man of great enthusiasm about speaking fluent English. I’m a Burmese.

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    i want to help me please to improve my language i am a student at university department of English language translation second stage

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    Thank you so much, Let me know can I find your page on Facebook?

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    Hi aisha i think i can help you  first download the  Practical english grammer material after download the PDF Software install it then open the  PDF file…….. 

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  • No problem, I’m glad you appreciate it! 😉

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    so many thanx admin,,,,,this page is very usefull for us to learn english.

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  • Hi Zafrullah,

    I’m not really an English teacher – this blog is for those who’ve already achieved a decent level of written English and comprehension; this blog deals with oral fluency and confidence issues.

    Basically what I’m trying to say is – if you need to LEARN correct grammar, vocabulary etc, I can’t really provide much advice because I’m providing fluency mentoring.

  • Med_messaoudi

    i learnt a lot from you thanks for all that

  • Zafrullah Ctech

    good after noon sir.. how are you sir.. i am speak english with fluency and as i am working in IT Compnay like when i mail are send that time many correction avaliable so you please help me sir…. for how it can properly speak engligh to other puplic and how it can send the mail properly…

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    thank you very much rubby for sending emails to me it really helping.the problem i have now is to understand when the person talk to me.sometime i become lost during the conservation i dont know what axactly the problem.what am i suppose to do to improve

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