Write for English Harmony – Join the English Harmony Contributor Program

Are you an English teacher or eager to share the best English learning methods? Are you passionate about writing and want to earn some money on the side?

If this applies to you – you can benefit from becoming an English Harmony contributor!  By writing for English Harmony you can earn nice extra cash because I’m paying 20% affiliate commission for every sale generated through your articles!

So this is how it works:

1. You apply for the English Harmony contributor program here. It’s easy and very straightforward.
2. If approved (I will contact you by email), you will propose what articles you want to write. If I agree with you, you can start writing them.
3. After you wrote the articles, it will need to be approved by me before publication.
4. The article is now live on English Harmony, and our analytics system tracks if readers of the articles end up buying the English Harmony System.
5. When you’ve amassed $200 in commissions, you’ll get a PayPal payment from me on the first date of the month.