Don’t Force Your English When You Speak!

By Robby

If you are new here please read this first.

Hello my friends foreign English speakers!

Are you familiar with the following feeling:

The more English I learn, the less I know…

It can also be described the following way:

I know so many fancy English vocabulary words, but when I’m speaking, I forget them all!…

This feeling is more common than you may think, and you’re definitely not alone in this misery.

Personally I was feeling the same way for years, and even now when I’ve discovered the “SECRET” (it’s not really that big of a secret!) for dealing with the aforementioned problem, I sometimes feel this way.

But guess what makes me feel that way?

It’s the fact that I start FORCING myself to recall specific vocabulary, specific phrases ❗

The moment you do that – your fluency’s gone out the window!

Want to found out more about the said phenomenon? Then watch the video above!

Thanks for tuning in,

Robby 😉

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  • Hi Daisy,

    Now you got the answer to your question! 😉


  • Daisy

    That exactly what happening with me i was about to ask you the same thing!