English Idiomatic Expression: “Due to the risks involved”

By Robby

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There are plenty of activities that can result in a serious bodily harm if proper care and precaution isn’t observed – starting from extreme sports and ending with jobs where you are required to operate machinery with sharp and moving parts.

Now, can you tell me what all those activities have in common?

You have to seriously consider getting involved in them DUE TO THE RISKS INVOLVED!

You have to weigh all the pros and cons (positives and negatives) of the activity in question so that you can make a well informed decision on whether to go in for base-jumping, car racing, rock-climbing or free running or stay safe and enjoy a more relaxed and safer lifestyle.

But then again – you may not have a choice if you’re out of work and you are willing to do any kind of job that would pay your bills and put the food onto your family’s table. You may be required to operate potentially dangerous machinery or handle hazardous substances at work, so all you can do is observe proper safety rules and regulations at all times to minimize the chances of something bad happening!

Whatever your particular situation is, however, you should always bear in mind that decisions of getting involved in activities that may have serious consequences are not to be taken lightly – especially DUE TO THE RISKS INVOLVED!

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