EH System

“A Revolutionary, One-of-a-Kind Video – Audio System
That Builds Your English Fluency From The Ground Up…

… That YOU Can Efficiently Use To Master
Fluent English In The Shortest Time Possible!”

English Harmony System de Luxe Edition!

It would take you countless THOUSANDS of hours to go through the same trial and error method I have over the past years… and the chances are that you wouldn’t have the time and patience to accomplish that goal! Especially – if you have no-one to talk to – then the task becomes almost mission impossible…

Or, you could take the advantage of having all my knowledge, experience, and most efficient English fluency improving techniques summarized in a straightforward, step-by-step system that you could easily follow and use to finally start speaking fluent English!

I did a really comprehensive online research on language studying techniques and methods. I got in touch with a good number of English teaching professionals.

I spent another half year putting it all together so that you don’t have to waste your time on English improving methods and techniques that don’t work!

A revolutionary, one-of-a-kind system that
subconsciously builds your spoken English
from the ground up… so you are GUARANTEED
to start speaking fluent English
in the shortest time possible!

100 unique speech exercising and meditation videos… spread out over 4 modules… each containing hours of interactive video lessons…

… “English Harmony System de Luxe Edition” is designed to help ANYONE who can read and write in English to start finally SPEAKING the language!

Just so that there are no surprises, let me tell you EXACTLY what you’ll receive in each module of the interactive video – audio system “English Harmony System de Luxe Edition”…

Module 1:
“Speech Master”

“Achieve Fluent English Speech In 30 Days Time Or Less!”

In Module 1 of the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition you’ll receive 30 interactive video lessons – each nearly 10 minutes long! – teaching you to speak instead of focusing on formal grammar rules and vocabulary drills…

These unique speech exercising lessons will cement all the necessary English language constructs in your mind and most importantly – your speech!

  • During the video lessons you’ll be ONLY speaking, and your visual memory associations and any other wrong vocabulary associations are going to be weakened by the constant spoken practice!
  • A friendly speaking character will help you to feel as if you’re actually being involved in a conversation thus making the learning process more efficient!
  • The easy navigation allows for adjusting the learning speed depending on what your personal needs are. Remember – no matter how slow you speak – it’s YOUR speech and there’s nothing wrong with speaking a bit slower than the average speaker!

“Speech Master” video lessons 
are SO powerful that you will easily
pick up 
natural English speech patterns
such as expressions, idioms and proverbs!

Provided that you complete the Speech Master Module, repeat the sentences you hear and then use them in the dialogues with the friendly digital character – I guarantee you’ll start speaking Fluent English!

Remember the 80/20 rule? These speech exercising lessons have been designed by keeping this principle in mind, so they contain about 95% of spoken English you need to use in your everyday conversations!

Let me remind you once more – you can learn to SPEAK a language only by speaking. And you won’t have to waste more time in the pursuit for English fluency – I’ll give you the very concentrate of spoken English in Module 1 “Speech Master” so that you can practice your spoken English efficiently and master English fluency in the shortest time possible!


Module 2:
“Confidence Mentor”

“Discover The Secrets To Maintaining
English Fluency AT ALL TIMES!”

“Confidence Mentor” is the first English language confidence building and maintaining system available today! If you use the unique success-programming meditation videos, you will…

  •  manifest your English fluency at lightning speed…
  • easily handle situations when you’re speaking English in stressful situations!
  •  prepare yourself in the shortest time possible for important occasions – interviews, dates and meetings!
  •  program yourself for success when speaking English by using proven mental techniques!

Moreover – thanks to the unique nature of these English fluency confidence building videos you won’t even need to make any conscious effort while watching them! You just need to relax and immerse yourself into visualization and affirmations!

Remember – your brain is capable of much,
much more than you actually think, and by
programming yourself for English fluency
you’re so much more likely to achieve it!

You can also use “Confidence Mentor” on occasions when you suddenly relapse into the old state of bad spoken English. Let’s say – you’ve accomplished the goal and mastered English fluency after completing the English Harmony Module 1 – “Speech Master”. But every now and then you might feel as if you’re losing it – you know, human mind is very tricky indeed!

What to do? Don’t panic! Just choose the corresponding video from “Confidence Mentor” and your fluency will be back to normal in no time!

I’ve also added perfectly matched music to the videos to help speed up the success programming, so the only thing you have to do is sit back and program yourself for fluency!


Module 3:
“Chat Assistant”

“Improve Your Spoken English Even Further –
Experience All Life Situations Without Leaving Your House!”

When using Module 3 – “Chat Assistant” – you’ll get to practice spoken English using all you’ve learned in “Speech Master” – and even more!

You will chat to your friends, meet new people and explore the world without spending a dime in the process! This is especially handy when you have very few opportunities to practice spoken English with real people in real life.

And even if you already live in an English speaking country with lots of communication opportunities – “Chat Assistant” will teach you plenty of additional naturally occurring speech patterns so that you can speak fluently about a wide array of topics!

Very important – “Chat Assistant” isn’t just like pocket dictionary for getting around in different situations. It’s FULLY interactive, asking our questions, accepting answers and making sure you’ve learned the required word combinations before proceeding onto the next lesson!

Here you can have a sneak-peak at what’s included in this English Harmony System de Luxe Edition Module’s 30 interactive video lessons:

  •  Getting to know somebody and introducing yourself;
  • Doing a job interview;
  • Discussing various topics like history, global warming or finances;
  • Going out to night clubs and eating out;
  • Going for holidays and getting around in the airport…

And much, much more in an easy-to-follow interactive video format!

This is the ideal way of practicing spoken English without leaving your room! And when you go out for real, you’ll be so much more confident and able to use all these speech patterns in real life!

Chat Assistant is PACKED FULL with
real-life conversation simulations and
you will find yourself in an ideal
English speaking environment!

“Chat Master” takes the “Speech Master’s” phraseology and adds another 450 English expressions to it thus enabling you to communicate and talk virtually about everything!


Module 4:
“Fluency Booster”

“Make Your Move to an English Speaking Country
a Walk in the Park and Settle Down Effortlessly!”

“Fluency Booster” adds another 30 speech exercising lessons to the package thus bringing the total number of lessons to astonishing 100! This Module has exactly the right conversation topics for a foreigner settling into an English speaking country – starting from English small-talk and ending with ringing up utility companies!

  •  Ideal for those living in an English speaking country – all possible situations covered!
    Particular focus on English small-talk which is essential to fit into the local society!
  • Even including topics like “Birth of a Baby” and “Signing Contracts” to make sure your phraseology is developed to the highest standards!
  • Effortless natural speech pattern acquisition will ensure you won’t even have to exert any mental effort to remember all those phrases and sentences!
  • Whether you choose to study according to specifically tailored plans or pick lessons of your own choice, these unique speech exercising lessons are just as effective!

Did you know that English small talk is of a particular importance to those foreigners who move to an English speaking country? You’ve just got to be able to engage in simple conversations with the locals if you want to fit into the local society!

Also, how about finding your dwelling or moving a house, ringing up utility companies and singing contracts? Your spoken English needs to reflect all these life necessities and even more, so that’s why you’ve got the fourth Module of the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition – Fluency Booster – at your disposal!

Fluency Booster is ideal for those
everyday small-talk simulations will make
your English just like that of a native speaker!

“Fluency Booster” is brining the total number of phrases contained within the English Harmony System de Luxe up to a staggering 1350!


“English Harmony: Insider’s Secrets”

“Nitty-Gritty of English Fluency Issues, Solutions and Also
Loads Of Practical Advice You Can Use Everyday!”

If you use the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition, you’ll be able to speak fluent English at all times with your friends, colleagues, customers and also people you meet everyday such as shop-assistants or bank clerks. I want you to feel 100% secure about your English fluency, though.

Then listen to what I’m offering to you in the “English Harmony: Insider’s Secrets” eBook…

  •  Not only does this 78 page eBook contain all the necessary instructions on how to use the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition to your maximum benefit. You’ll also get the following…
  •  Should you EVER have a situation when you need an instant boost to your English fluency – just use the 5 Step Formula from pages 59 – 62 – and your fluent English speech will be back in no time!
  • You know – even I sometimes have some slight problems with my spoken English – and then I immediately use the 5 Step Formula. I’m telling you – it’s wonderful and has helped me on a dozen of very important occasions:

–  The second-round job interview to get my latest job (which I love!)
–  Congratulating our company’s director – I was chosen as the spokesperson!
–  Speaking at the parents’ meeting at school;
and many more!

  •  You’ll also get practical advice on how to use the 80/20 rule in your everyday life when it comes to learning new English words and grammar – pages 72 – 76!
  •  Also, after reading Chapter 5 – Mind Games: Unleashing Your Full Potential – you’ll be able to completely change the way you perceive yourself as a foreign English speaker and be so much more confident at all times!

And by the way – “English Harmony: Insider’s Secrets” is available in 3 different formats – PDF, MOBI and ePub, so you can use it on e-readers like Kindle and also on your iPad.

As you can see, I’ve packed ALL my years of English learning, my endless trials and errors in the pursuit of English fluency into the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition… I’ve left nothing out and no stone unturned, so you can start speaking English fluently as quickly as possible!

“If You Think This Unique English Fluency System Is
Going To Cost You A Fortune…

… You’re In For VERY Pleasant Surprise!

As I mentioned earlier, I wasted more than TWENTY YEARS or my life trying to achieve English fluency.

I bought countless English fiction and self-help books and literally devoured them! I built thousands of words large English vocabulary based on what I was reading. I could actually visualize where every single word stands in my pocket dictionary so that whenever I had to look something up I just flipped through it and found it!

I bought plenty – and I mean PLENTY – of English grammar books, test books, and also self-help books to help me understand if I had some sort of a mental problem which prevented me from speaking English fluently…

I bought ridiculously expensive English learning software claiming to help achieve English fluency – only to find out that I already knew all the knowledge contained within – I indeed needed something that NO-ONE was offering…

You can spend years of your time trying to achieve English fluency (like I did!), OR…

You could get your hands on the English fluency
building “gold”. I spent countless years to filter
out for the reasonable 
one-time investment of just $67!

You can get an immediate access to the entire English Harmony System’s 100 unique speech exercising and meditation videos… spread out over 4 modules… each containing hours of interactive video lessons…

You’ll be privy to the exact same English fluency building methods and techniques that have helped hundreds of English students just like YOU to achieve complete fluency in the English language!

… And all for a low, one-time investment of just $67!


So what are you waiting for?

Order EH System de Luxe Edition
Updated Version for ONLY $67!

Product information: English Harmony System de Luxe Edition consists of 4 main Modules – 3 of them are speech exercising Modules 90 lessons in total and there’s one meditation Module with 10 lessons. There are 3 study plans available – 2, 3 and 6 months long – but you can learn at your pace because you have LIFETIME ACCESS!
PLEASE NOTE: Broadband Internet connection is required to do the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition lessons.