Everyone Says My English is Good Enough… But It ISN’T!

By Robby

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I got contacted by a guy living in the US recently, and he said in his e-mail that quite often he finds himself in situations when he can’t have a normal small-talk conversation with native English speakers DESPITE having been told by a lot of English teaching professionals that his English is almost perfect.

So basically the problem can be defined the following way:

Everyone says my English is good enough, but I know for a fact that it ISN’T!

This may sound like an attempt to be super-perfect (it’s as if the person in question is saying that his or her English is never going to be good enough), but in reality it happens to a lot of foreign English speakers due to reasons other than having very high standards when it comes to English acquisition.

The reasons are as follows:

  • Lack of focus on conversational English in the traditional school curricula;
  • Lack of spoken English practice while learning English the traditional way;
  • Imbalance between English knowledge required in order to pass tests and sit exams and knowledge that’s required to speak English with real people in real life.

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Robby 😉

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