English phrases for daily use – Small Talk with Staff Members

By Robby Kukurs

If you are new here please read this first.

Hi, my foreign English speaking friends!

Here you can find a good number of English phrases you can use when you speak with your colleagues at the office. And even more – some of the phrases below will help you add more substance to what you’re saying to your chat partner and also help you take time and think over the question.

1. How are you getting on?– – just another way of saying ‘how are you?’

Resident: Good morning professor!

Professor: Morning! How are you getting on?

Resident: Thanks, things are quiet at the moment but there’s one tricky exam I want you to look at, have you got a minute?

2. Hold on for a moment! –  —used to tell someone to wait or to stop for a brief time

(Phone ringing)

Professor to the resident: Hold on for a moment!

Professor speaking on the phone: Yes, professor R. speaking!

3. Let me see… I’m already running late to – to have no more time to do or complete something

Professor speaking on the phone: Let me see… Sorry, but I really haven’t got any time at the moment, I’m already running late to the reporting room meeting!

The person on the phone: Well, what time would you be available?

4. Get back to me after lunch! -to communicate with someone at a later time or date

Professor: Get back to me after lunch!

The person on the phone: All right, sorry for bothering you this early in the morning!

5. Chat to you later – a way of saying “Talk to you later

Professor: No problem, chat to you later!

The person on the phone: Thanks professor, bye!

6. So, where were we? –  meaning what point in the text, talk, discussion, etc. had been reached.

Professor speaking to the resident: So, where were we?

Resident: Sorry professor for holding you up, I just wanted you to look at this particular exam, have you got a few moments to spare?

7. Hand it over! – give something to someone else

Professor: All right, hand it over, I’m gonna have a look at it right now!

Resident: Thank you so much professor!

8. I’d really appreciate it if you could

Professor: Now, I’d really appreciate it if you could prepare the MRI exam reports for me to look at!

Resident: No problem, I’ll have them ready for you in five minutes!

9. Come in, please!

(knock on the door)

Professor: Come in, please!

Physician: Hello professor, have you got a minute to look at this MRI exam – I’m not really sure what to make of it! Please understand, I wouldn’t be bothering you if it weren’t so important!

10. Get a second opinion on

Hand it over

Professor: No problem, I totally understand you need to get a second opinion on this exam, hand it over!

Physician: Thanks so much professor, I really appreciate it!

11. Heading over to – means you are going somewhere

I’m gonna be unavailable

Professor: No problem! But now I’d really appreciate it if you could tell everyone outside I’m heading over to the reporting room, so I’m gonna be unavailable for the next 30 minutes!

Physician: Yes, sure, I’ll tell everyone you’ll be in the reporting room!

12. Have I made myself clear?

Professor: It’s not what I meant – I don’t want anyone to know I’m gonna be in the reporting room, have I made myself clear?

Physician: Sorry professor, yes, I’ll just tell them not to look for you during the next half an hour!

Now You’ve Finished Reading this List… What’s Next?

You’re pretty excited having found my blog and especially this list of English small-talk phrases, isn’t that right?

There’s one small problem though…

The chances are, you’re going to forget MOST of these phrases within a matter of hours, and next week you’ll be lucky to remember ANY of them!

Please don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to insult your intelligence and imply that you have a bad memory. It’s NATURAL to forget all kinds of information after just one exposure; it’s just human nature.

So I guess it poses the next logical question“How to make sure you can actually use such and similar phrases in YOUR daily conversations with work colleagues, college friends and people you meet?”

Here’s the Most Effective Way to Learn These Small Talk Phrases…

The best way of imprinting these small talk phrases into your mind is by utilizing spaced repetition. It might sound very technical, while in fact it simply means you have to repeat and memorize a phrase a number of times over a certain period of time.

  1. Repeat each phrase three times.
  2. Then do it once more tomorrow.
  3. Go back to it after a longer period of time – say, a week or two.

This spaced repetition principle ensures that the small talk phrases you’re memorizing REMAIN in your ACTIVE vocabulary. It basically means you’ll be able to USE those phrases in relevant situations, and that’s definitely what you want, isn’t it?

I’ve Got Great News For You!

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Wouldn’t that be cool?

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