Improve English Fluency… Have A Coffee Break!

By Robby

If you are new here please read this first.

Improve English FluencyI’d like to share a funny story with you this time. As you already know, I’m not a native English speaker – and I live in a country called Ireland.

I’ve been here for quite a long time and I’m not planning go back to my own country in the near future. And now I’m feeling like I’ve become a part of this whole culture, Irish traditions and everything else.

But the first thing that struck me when I just arrived here was the local accent. Yes, I had studied English at home – but the way Irish spoke was something completely un-understandable! I always had to apologize and ask to repeat the same question again and again until I was able to get it!

And I guess you may have experienced similar feelings having gone abroad or living in a foreign country, haven’t you?

But today’s story isn’t about how well we can understand other accents and ways of pronunciation. It’s about how well the native English speakers can get what WE say.

And here goes the funniest thing I’ve been telling my friends over and over again – and now it’s your turn! Whenever I go to some eatery to have a meal with my wife and daughters, or just myself, and order coffee, I don’t get coffee straight away.

And please don’t think I’m being discriminated in any way – no, Irish folks are very friendly and today around 10% of the whole country population is non-nationals. And we’re very welcome in this country!

No – it’s not that I’m ignored or anything similar. It’s just that Irish don’t understand I’m asking coffee…

Yes, it’s really weird! The word ‘coffee’ is very simple. The pronunciation: [kofi:] – am I not right? Yes – and everyone pronounces the word this way.

Imagine if you were an English national and someone asked you in a heavily distorted accent: [kofe:], or [ko:fe:] or whatever else – would you not get it? I guess – yes. But you see – I have to repeat the word around three times until the girl behind the counter says: ‘Ohh, right, you want coffee?!?’…

But am I getting annoyed by this? You think I’m giving out about how unfairly I’m treated?

Of course, not! It’s just another story about how different we people are and that our distinct accents and pronunciations are a part of the nature!

No matter if it’s the Irish girl behind the McDonalds counter, or it’s you who has to ask someone to repeat what they just said – it’s COMPLETELY OK! It’s absolutely normal sometimes to get a bit confused, not to understand, mispronounce words and make similar mistakes.

After all, we’re all humans, and humans do make mistakes, don’t we? 😉

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  • Andrés

    It is my everyday issue…

  • Jignesh

    Hi Robby, I hope that you doing well. Thanks for your help in improving my English. You have been trying to improve our Listening and Speaking but Please put something else which can trigger our vocabulary as well. Which is very important for everyone. Thanking you again. Best of luck in your future.

  • Claiton

    Hi man. I am still living in Dublin and several times I felt this way before. In the beginning was difficult to understand people who lives here. In time I got it. I was expected more from myself to learn English. So lets not get our hopes up but lets not just give up all hope just yet. Bye

  • marie ann

    hi robby thank you very much for your help..and you know what my mother told me that something has change to me like for example my confedence to speak in english specially that im a filipino and we don’t use english at home so i don’t have enough confedence to speak english at school ‘so thats it thanks again……. and hope that you can help lots of peopple like me…..and your story is so funny it make’s me laugh… thanks

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    Thank you for your helh robby.I feel like I have the assistant from the heaven when I always read your message.
    Best wishes,

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    Hello Robby, how are you. I hope that you are fine. I think it takes a long time after I messaging you. However I feel that I can speak english little better and fluently. Thanks for your advise and I want to speak with alive.

  • Mj

    Thank you very much robby!its really funny but it helps me to gain my confidence in speaking English.Now i realzed that you just have to practice,coz practice mkes perfect!ryt?thanks again robby!

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    Once again thanks Robby,your true stories really help me a lot and yes let me find a job I am looking forward to bring the English harmony at home

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    It is great and funny Robby, thank you.