Get Rid of Monkeys in Your Mind!

By Robby

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Get rid of monkeys in your mind

Speech management and confident English go hand in hand with managing yourself and your thoughts.

Do you often have this feeling of a racing mind? Do you feel you have hundreds of different thoughts constantly crossing your mind, repeating all over again and making you anxious and irritated?

In Zen Buddhist philosophy such a state of mind is described as a room full of jumping and screaming monkeys running wild!

This state of mind is very closely related to all kinds of anxieties, worries, fears – and among them the English speech anxiety.

No matter how well you’re trying to speak English, you head is full of English words, phrases, sentences, grammar rules – all at the SAME TIME! You’re trying to say something – but regardless your toughest attempts you get the English grammar wrong, misspell and mispronounce words and notice this at the very moment of speaking them out!

To deal with this issue of inability to speak English normally you first have to deal with monkeys in your head. Here I’ve written a few basic steps to calm down your mind and start thinking just ONE THOUGHT at a time instead of trying to encompass EVERYTHING at once.

1. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and start breathing slowly. Try to forget everything you’ve been thinking about before you started reading this blog post. Just distance yourself from the daily affairs and routine, from speaking English, from money matters, family and heart affairs – from everything. There’s just you.

2. The next time you’ll be speaking English – don’t try to speak fast and spit out all the thoughts in one sentence. A controlled and slow speech will do much more good to your English confidence than trying to sound native and speak as fast as they do! Speak slowly, if you get stuck – stop – and don’t allow the monkeys start racing in your mind. Take another deep breath and calm down. Then keep on speaking and remember – it doesn’t matter what your chat partner thinks about your speech.

3. A slow and controlled speech is more fluent and understandable than conversation that is fast, interrupted and full of mistakes. DON’T BE ASHAMED of the manner of your speech! It is your life and only you can decide how you’re going to speak.

4. Don’t hurry living your daily life. The surprising thing is that no matter how fast we try to accomplish our tasks and duties, we actually do less and less. Slow down your life pace – this is especially important in these paced up and fast times when the whole world seems to be literally racing after more money, more achievements, and more success. Actually the opposite is true – success comes through controlled and calmed mindset!

Happy speaking!


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P.S. Are you serious about your spoken English improvement? Check out the English Harmony System HERE!

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  • Thanks a lot for the positive feedback Chinh, I really appreciate it! And yes, you can definitely translate my articles into Vietnamese and share them with your friend, it’s no problem!

  • Chinh

    Hello Robby,
    Thank you very much for very useful sharing. I think it is thousand better than what i have learned from 10 year speaking English before i read your articles. I would like to share your experience to my friend, who are not good at English vocabulary and reading. I hope that you don’t mind when i share the articles with my friend, after translate them into Vietnamese, so that they can initially access to them easily. Always appreciate your job!!!

  • Tabish

    Hello Robby

    Thank you very much for this good piece of advice,its is really helping and working for me at this initial stage,whatever you say on this blog is exactly the same phase I am going through (I wonder if you can read people’s mind…..any way’s I would really need more and more help from you…….you a doing a great job…….Thanks a million

  • subhash

    Thank you for your advice,you make me feel good and to believe in myself because sometimes I feel bad and embarrased when I break English infront of my friends.Please don’t stop helping us to speak English.I thank you

  • Thank you for your advice,you make me feel good and to believe in myself because sometimes I feel bad and embarrased when I break English infront of my friends.Please don’t stop helping us to speak English.I thank you

  • Star

    Thank you for your advice, what I know about my life is that I don’t believe in myself even in such away whenever I’m asked to deliver a speech in english,I always speak my native language and organise somebody who is fluent in english and translate my speech into english.

  • mj

    hi, just want to thank you for your advice.can you give more lessons in order for me to learn english fast. I’m having a hard time in speaking english.please help thanks and more power1

  • shathan

    >>>>success comes through controlled and calmed mindset!<<<<<>

    thanks very very much>>

    as you now i am ulimantry i want to learn english well as i can do>>

    thanks all


    I would like to thank you very much for your continue


    with regards

  • Andreea Sava

    Thank u for every single advice that u give me concerning my fluency in english.I still have the same issue with speaking ,i forget what i want to say all the time and im like ‘a a a a ,wait ‘ u know?i hope that soon i will be able to have a normal conversation with my friends .
    Best regards,Andreea

  • Geomira

    I would like to thank you for the tips you give me. I try to work on it, escepially for speaking slowly. The problems I’m facing is English gramma but I’m making effort on it.
    Thanks for good suggetions.

    With regards,

  • Rachana Kulkarni

    Thanks a lot, for giving right advice at right time.

    Though tip wasn’t new and it has been tried many times, But again my mind got supressed with lot of thoughts & simply forgot the basic thing.

    One push was required….thanks for doing that!