How False Expectations Ruin Your Language Learning

By Warren Fowler

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Language learning is a difficult process, and it can take a long time to master. Every technique has its purpose, yet sometimes, students get stuck in the same routine and stop seeing any visible progress. Having too many expectations can ruin your language learning process easier. Unfortunately, it happens regularly throughout students. They require too much from themselves, set targets that are way too high, and expect to conquer the language in just a couple of months.

How False Expectations Ruin Your Language Learning

Fortunately, this is not how language learning works. Fear of failure is going to drag you back from your purpose and decrease your motivation. You must allow yourself to make mistakes, and you need to take step by step actions. No, you are not going to master a new language in two months, and no, you are probably not going to be fluent in less than one year. There is no point in lying to yourself: but you could speed up your learning process if you let go of inhibitions and expectations!

Here are some tips on how to do that. Don’t hesitate to leave feedback or any useful comments. Every opinion matters!

Be Patient

The first step towards achieving bigger goals is being patient with ourselves. If we do not accept our progress as it is, and we constantly desire more, we’ll never be happy with what we have. Therefore, make sure you thank yourself daily for your evolution. Moving forward and taking a new step in language learning can only be done with calm and tolerance towards yourself.

After months of practicing, you will realize that time makes everything easier. You just need to let go of stress and anxieties and concentrate on your development of the language. The rest will follow with time, and of course, a lot of practice!

Stop Expecting Too Much

Unrealistic expectations can be very damaging. Setting targets that are way too high for your level will drag you down. You don’t need to be soft on yourself, don’t get me wrong. Set challenging targets and work hard to achieve them! But don’t overestimate what you can do.

Many students set goals that are too rigorous only to feel better about themselves. They believe that if they achieve their goals, their lives are going to change, and their self-confidence is going to boost. But that is completely false. Forcing yourself to do something only to feel slightly better on the short-term is inappropriate and damaging.

Be Open-Minded

If you don’t have any expectations and are always open to new ideas and perspectives, your progress is going to show! People whose lives go well are the ones who don’t expect their lives to go well. They don’t expect their lives to go bad either. They expect nothing. When you keep an open mind, there are so many options coming your way. You will be surprised by everything good that happens in your life.

Your language learning process has to be relaxing, even though you work hard. Approach the new language with curiosity and willingness to discover its traits, not with strict goals or endless assignments that make you feel better about yourself.


Accept Mistakes

Making mistakes is part of the learning process. Do not be too harsh on yourself for making mistakes. This is how you will learn not to do them again! Failing and getting back on your feet will bring in strength and determination to succeed. Do not be afraid of being wrong, everybody is wrong from time to time – yet not everybody accepts it. Unfortunately, the people who don’t are the ones whose evolution will stagnate.

Practice Speaking a Lot

Many students complain that they feel discouraged after having a conversation with a native speaker. “I couldn’t talk at all,” they say. And it is normal to feel like that. But stop and take a look at the situation again. You are learning a new language, while this person has been talking the language for his or her entire life. Of course, they are going to speak it better and faster!

Think about it the other way around. What if the person you are talking to would have to learn your native language? Would they be as good as you? Don’t be ashamed to speak with natives, or any person, really. Practice makes perfect, so make sure you practice as much as you possibly can. It’s the only way you can achieve strong language skills!

Wrapping Up

Setting realistic expectations and goals is essential when it comes to language learning. Being too harsh on yourself is going to harm you in the long run. You need to accept your progress and realize that it takes time and patience to achieve strong goals. Set the right targets, and conquer them gradually! You got this!


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