English Idiomatic Expression: “If you’re anything serious about”

By Robby

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Good morning my friends ❗

It’s yet another Monday morning, and just like any other Monday, we all go about our daily business. Some of us go to school or college; some of us go to work. But if you’re anything serious about your spoken English improvement, you have to work on your oral fluency pretty much the whole time regardless of your daily routine!

My perfect recipe for constant and rapid spoken English improvement consists of plenty of self-practice with a particular focus on idiomatic expression acquisition, and today’s phrase is ‘if you’re anything serious about’.

I already used this expression in the paragraph above and it vividly depicts how I’d personally use this phrase – “if you’re anything serious about your spoken English improvement” is my favorite line and I use it in almost all my videos.

If you want to hear a little bit more about today’s phrase, however, you’re more than welcome to watch the video above where I’m also telling you why I have to stay at home this week and be a housewife.

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English Idiomatic Expressions

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  • OK Rahul, I’ve no problems with that! Let’s begin with this one.

    1. I’ve only 9 months in hand – I’ve only 9 months at my disposal, or something like that. You might have said – ‘at hand’ – but it wouldn’t sound 100% correct in this context.

    2. Grammatical mistakes – grammar mistakes. Grammatical may be a valid term, but ‘grammar mistakes’ is a more common way of referring to errors in terms of syntax.

  • rahul

    Robby, I have one request for you. I am preparing for GRE and TOEFL. Although my spoken English has shown some degree of improvement after following your idiomatic expression videos, I still make mistakes and stutter while speaking. Even my grammar is not perfect. As I am going to take the aforementioned exams in October, I have only 9 months in hand. Please correct any grammatical mistakes in my comments and shed some light on how to maximize the scores.

  • rahul

    If your are anything serious about IELTS, you should start preparing now. Cramming for a week won’t produce any fruitful results.

  • Irish & British English are quite similar in terms of specific expressions and slang, so there’s no wonder it’s yet another term having found its way into Irish slang!

  • Francisco Javier

    Yes, I remember people using the word “hoover” all the time in England.