India – the Home of Fluent English?

By Robby

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Hi Everyone,

Today I came across a website about English fluency called

It’s pretty cool in the fact that they’re basically talking about all the same issues with speaking fluent English that I do!

You have to speak English and have pre-planned the speech in your head. But when it comes to speaking with a person for real, you just can’t say a word…

And the actual reasons behind this issue is the following – learning the English language through your mother’s tongue. You know – it’s the traditional way of learning a language.

You write the English words down in your copybook and translate them into your native language. Then you memorize the meaning of those words and you’re perfectly fine with using them in your writing, speaking in the class and so on.

However, there’s one very important problem that will surface only later on. Namely – the English language you learn, is far from fluent!

You can’t speak spontaneously – and this is the factor that separates a fluent English from one that is handy ONLY when it comes to writing a letter, or reading a book.

The credit for inventing the system at the fluentzy website goes to Indians, by the way. As it’s said on the website, I quote:

“England may be the home of English, but India is the home of fluent English. India is where English fluency building was systematized for the first time in the world as a distinct teachable subject. An Indian loved the English language so much that he studied its fluency-secrets in great depth and designed the world’s first dedicated course in English fluency building (as distinct from EFL/ESL courses and translation-dependent bilingual courses). And that was KevNair, better known as the father of fluency development”
The New Indian Express

Well, thank you KevNair for your contribution into the English fluency! 😉

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English Harmony System
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  • Vijay Priyadarshi

    Since last month I started to learn English as second language although I am an Engineer. The sole reason behind it that I want to be fluent in English language as native speaker. I started my journey with Cambridge English Grammar in use book. Then I simultaneously I started to find best website about English learning and after so many surfing I found you website. Since last four days I am constantly following it and I found that your blog is one of the best blog in the world for English language learner. Very good. Keep it up.