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  • sany

    can i ask question???

  • sany

    right form of verb

  • Joby Augustine

    Passive voice for the sentence – My servants obey me.

  • Just use the Adobe Reader instead – it should work then!

  • arstan

    All I get is just unclear letters while trying to open Microsoft Office Word inside in. Perhaps I need to fix Cyrillic alphabet.

  • The epub format is for iPads and the mobi file is for Kindle readers – just go with the third one which is a simple Adobe pdf file and you can open it on your PC or laptop or indeed an Android tablet as well.

  • Phuong

    Hey Robby, how can i open “.epub” & “.mobi” files? Thank you.

  • Thanks so much for the positive feedback, you can’t imagine how much it means to me! Sometimes I’ve also been feeling like throwing in the towel and then it’s actually blog visitors like you whose appreciation of my work keeps me going! Thanks!!!!

  • Hey Robby everything in your website is totally laudable . I hope you are okay . you tips are amazing and very motivational whenever I am tempted to throw in the towel , you literary come to my doorstep and inspire me and make me get back to work . I would have given up a long time ago if it weren’t for you but you have always been there for us .
    Thank you :)-

  • Daniel

    Hi Robby, I’m a self-ataught for about 2 years and I have enjoyed a lot your blog advices through posts. I hope I can learn much more from now on with your valuable tips for ESL learners around the world. See ya!

  • No problem Elaheh, and whenever you’ve any questions – don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

  • Elaheh

    Hi Robby , I hope your blog be helpful me , I realy need to improve my English. I got the e-book and I will start it soon.
    Thank you so much

  • No problem, you’re welcome! 😉

  • Fatima Hasan

    Thanks a lot & I love your enthusiasm 🙂

  • vinod

    hello sir i would like to know about conditional progressive sentences plz give me examples and structure of it

  • Hi Park Yan Jun,

    Please check out videos and articles under this category: and you’re bound to find great advice on how to practice English with yourself!



  • Park yan jun

    I am korean.i want to be a fluent english speaker for my work. I am very curious how can I practise by my self. Please give me a great advice.

  • Hi Michael,

    I really appreciate your positive feedback, thanks for dropping by my blog!


  • Michael Escudero

    Good day Robby! 🙂

    I’m mike from the Philippines .. and I’m so glad that i found you here!
    By the way, I really thank you for this e book. I’m hoping myself to improve my english as well.
    And I believed this could help me a lot of improvements.
    once again..
    thank you thank you!! And God Bless. ,. 🙂

  • Arkadiy

    Great! Fantastic! Awesome! Divinely !
    I can’ find more epithets for you, Robby.

  • mrmartin

    Thanks Bob. Got the free e-book. I will start learning with this and hopefully enhance my fluency.


  • Just click on the very top banner where it says ‘Click here to download your copy of eBook!” I couldn’t possibly made it even more obvious! ;-))

  • amar

    Hey Rob thank you for sending me this e-mail but I can’t download it. could drop me a line.

  • No problem, you’re welcome! 😉

  • zozo

    this site is awesome..Thanks Rob

  • I just got downloaded it, Robby.

    Sometimes I wonder if the advice from the blogosphere on learning languages is playing to the gallery – and that tons of people are still going through the motions, still not reaching their potential, and perhaps still frustrated but not thinking about how to change things.

    I’ll give an example. I have a new group class at a different school, where I don’t mention my blog and things like that (as it’s at a different company). The students come to class and speak in Czech for 5-10 minutes before the lesson, and then another 5-10 after class. Again in Czech.

    I’ve encouraged them a few times to speak in English, but last week one of them said what they were all thinking:

    “I don’t want to speak English with other Czechs.”

    And around and around it goes. This is a good example of ‘the traditional student’s mindset’, coming from high school days probably. Speak in Czech and not English because, shock horror, you don’t want to hear mistakes from other students, etc.

    Ultimately people can’t be helped till they seek it themselves, and that’s what this blog and others are able to do, thankfully.

  • almas

    I want to perfect in english m very weak in tenses… sir please i need ur help to improve my english language …

  • If you pay just a little bit more attention to what’s written above, you’ll hardly miss the download link! 😉

  • Rana Humayun

    Will this book be available on line, OR will you send it to me by post.

  • Anonymous

    Dear sir,

    My strong desire is learn english speak fluently, hope your guidance would help me make it true.

  • No problem, if you’ve any specific questions, just let me know!

  • Sashamsheer

    dear sir,
    my intention to be a part of your programme is to make my self fluent enough in spoken english as im about to get admission for nursing course in India after the course Im strongly willing to work in foreign hoe your guidance would help me make it true….

  • R9689250827

    sir it’s my strong desire to being perfect in english  plz help  sir  i will greatful to you 

  • Hi Dina,

    Can you please specify what you meant by “want to subscribe but couldn’t find my country”?

    If you meant purchasing the English Harmony System 2.0, then the answer is – you can do it no problem, the instant download version will work everywhere in the world!

  • Dina X Gamil

    hello Robby ,
    actually i have the same problem ,i know a lot of vocabulary & really am good at writing while am facing tough problems in speaking English .all i need is to speak up very fluently & think in English as well .
    i want to subscribe with you but unfortunately i could not find my Country am from Egypt. so please help.