How To Learn A New Language In Super-short Time!

By Robby

If you are new here please read this first.

Learn New Languages FastA few months ago I came across a website of an Irish guy called Benny – and I must say I was really impressed with what I found out about him!

Benny speaks 8 languages at the moment… I’m saying – at the moment – because God only knows how many he will speak at the time when you read this article! Basically this is what he does – he takes on 3 month long missions to learn a new language. Yes, you got me right – 3 months! ❗

While for most people it would take 3 months to get around basics of a new language, Benny masters his target language to fluency. Amazing, isn’t it?

Well, if you think he’s a genius capable of acquiring tens of thousands of words in the target language and master it to a complete fluency in 3 months – it’s not really the case. For Benny as well as for me achieving fluency in a language doesn’t mean acquiring all academic grammar knowledge about the language along with huge vocabulary.

It’s all about mainly one thing – being able to communicate and socialize with ease! Just think on it – what’s the point of learning a new language behind closed doors for long years if you’re unable to use it for normal, day-to-day conversations? I’d say – very little. But despite what I just said still lots of foreigners spend most of their time on grammar studies and written exercises when studying a language. I was the same when I tried to improve my English and for long years I couldn’t see the simple truth of importance of communication.

When the truth finally dawned on me, I became so exited about how easy it actually is to improve spoken English that I created my own English fluency improving system – English Harmony.

But there’s something else I want to tell you about – and it’s something to do with Benny the Irish Polyglot.

To cut the long story short – Benny has put together a very, very comprehensive guide on how to dramatically cut time when learning a new language. Any language learner – and of course, also those who learn and improve English – will find gazillion of invaluable advice in the Language Hacking Guide!

I have to confess that after reading it I was stunned on the tips and tricks Benny has discovered while learning 7 foreign languages! His language learning tactics are something completely new and are in complete contrast with the old school approach. In the good old days you’d take a grammar book and start learning a language in an atmosphere of serenity and seriousness. After all a very serious business is this language learning stuff, isn’t it?

Well, Benny turns the old concept upside down and says – hey, why waste time on boring academic studies? The easiest way to learn a language is to start speaking from the day one!

Doesn’t it sound mad? Before I read the Language Hacking Guide I’d think it’s impossible. But now I actually understand that this complete immersion in a new language from the very beginning is the only really efficient way. It will immensely reduce time you’ll spend to acquire conversational fluency in your target language. Had I known of all the tricks and tips Benny gives in his Language Hacking Guide years ago – I wouldn’t have the traumatic experience in improving my spoken English that I was going through…

So here’s the thing – if you are learning a new language – be it English, Spanish, Chinese or Russian, you can actually achieve conversational fluency much faster than you ever thought possible! ❗

By using all sorts of advice from the Language Hacking Guide – setting the right goals and mindset (pages 27 and 46); understanding how to start speaking new language immediately (page 90); using image and music associations in the process (pages 145 and 153); and also how to reduce accent (page 187) it is indeed possible to learn a new foreign language is a super-short time.

So if you’re just starting on a new language using conventional methods – think twice! Get the Language Hacking Guide and you’ll be able to learn the new language in short time and also you’ll be using it to speak and communicate with others! That’s the main purpose any language serves, isn’t it?

Language Hacking Guide

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