Lower Your Standards if You Want to Improve Your English Successfully!

By Robby

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Improve Spoken English

You may have this idealistic image in your head as to what kind of English you should be speaking – grammatically super-correct, formal, rich and eloquent English spoken by high-class native English speakers – but achieving and maintaining such high spoken English standards may not be just unrealistic.

It may also be very unhealthy to your confidence as an English speaker to constantly compare your existing level of English against your desired level of English in terms of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and speed at which you speak because it will serve as a constant reminder of your shortcomings as an English speaker!

  • You may believe that most people speak sub-standard English and it’s unacceptable for an intelligent person.
  • You may have this perception that your English just HAS to sound like that spoken by native English speakers – and if it doesn’t, you’ll be always branded as an underachiever.
  • And you may also strongly believe that text-book English taught to English students in schools and universities is the ONLY way forward and that the conversational English is just English for the masses and not for such a well-educated individual as you.

Guess what?

By upholding such unrealistically high standards you’re making it really hard for yourself to actually improve your English!

Whenever you attempt to speak with someone, you’re becoming anxious and tense because you just can’t deliver the kind of English speech you want.

Whenever you hear really eloquent native English speakers speak, there’s a voice in your head telling you – “This is how you should speak, and you should be ashamed of your English!”

And whenever it comes to really improvising when speaking thus building up your English fluency, you’re actually restraining your potential as an English speaker due to constant analysis of your English“Damn, I just said this wrong… How should I word it better so that it sounds just right?… Which grammar tense would most precisely reflect what I’m trying to say now?… I’m such a looser!…”

If you recognize yourself from all this, I warmly suggest you watch the video above – for your own good. 😉

I know that I’m little likely to change your opinion because it’s people’s nature to believe something you think is right, but anyway – give it a shot and watch this video.

You may just start realizing that maintaining high standards isn’t really the way to go when it comes to English learning and improvement ❗



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    Robby, You have common sense!