No.1 Secret to speak English fluently and confidently

By Shivam

If you are new here please read this first.

I receive messages and emails on a daily basis of people asking me if they should make a notebook where they can write down the list of useful idioms, sophisticated words and phraseology so they can learn and revise later.
My plain and simple answer to your question which in itself is a question-

Are you writing ‘The Joe’s Dictionary’?

Or whatever your name is.

Hey everyone out there,

I hope you are all doing good. Welcome back to English Harmony and today we will scour about the number one secret of English fluency that not many know about.

I can personally say this from my experience that it’s easy to find new words and phraseology and write them down in your notebook, but you will end up with a personal written dictionary with thousands of vocabulary in it which will vanish from mind sooner or later.

Now I don’t doubt your intelligence, but the deal is nobody is that good to remember it all.

The problem is when you hear new phraseology, you are more concerned about writing it down immediately than understanding the scenario in what it was spoken by the speaker. As a result, you ignore one of the most important aspects of any learning process i.e learning in context or theme.

It is for this fact, I resort to storytelling technique in my every blog article, be it here, or my personal one because it kind of creates a link in your mind to learn and remember better. Frankly speaking, I could write an article using sophisticated formal vocabulary and make it sound like a pro or I could have simply used some paid tools, but the deal is, I have been in your shoes in the past and I completely understand what a non-native English speaker deals with and their wants.

To put it in simple words, it’s about connection. And that only builds if one relates his mind with what they are reading, that is by reading something in context or theme.

Wait! Wait!

You may be like- context or theme?
Yes, my dear English fellow speakers, I explained in one of my previous articles how learning in context improves your vocabulary and the same concept applies to learning with the theme.

Learning with theme is quite similar to that of learning in context. Your mind creates a link in your subconscious memory which keeps the hold of the information and facts longer and better.

The English Harmony System was built on the same concept that is, learning with the theme. There are many chapters which consist of tons of idiomatic expressions and phraseology with speech repetition technique to learn and imprint them in the mind of readers.

The best thing about English harmony is that it helps you take your English journey to a next level as it follows the concept of teaching with the theme. Each chapter has a theme based idiomatic expressions and phraseology that you can use in that particular situation.

I hope you would have enough grasp of the idea why learning anything in context or theme helps you improve your spoken English and vocabulary and how you can too.

Lemme know in the comments section below about your thoughts and suggestions.

Keep learning and improving.

Till then, take care and?


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