• PetrStransky

    Yeah, that’s fun, no worries:) I’d say you have a great ear for accents:) Yes, you’re right, it’s really diffcult to get rid of our accents completely. That being said, it’s not impossible;) It’s just all about practice and time.Just like you said many times, the main key to focus on is fluency. It’s fine to have a great accent but without being able to speak fluently, you’ll always sound as a non-native speaker:) You’ve actually managed both;)

  • Oh yeah, there were a few of those there on that blog, plus a few more on the YouTube channel. And it’s really weird how some people would say nice things about the pronunciation development and then next thing you know – someone says that I should just stop doing it because I sound like crap anyway! 😉 And I gotta admit that even though I’ve managed to grow thick skin as a result of that, it does get to you sometimes…. I’m dong well in my job, thanks for asking, and by the way – whenever I have to deal with customers from the Czech Republic I can immediately hear that distinct Czech-English pronunciation that I got so used to when working with you! And don’t get me wrong – you do have a great American pronunciation which is something I’ve told you a hundred times before, but just like me, we all have that little bit of accent pushing through and it’s just funny that I can recognize the Czech one immediately! 😉

  • PetrStransky

    Hi Robby,

    no worries;) As a matter of fact I came across your accentgenie blog where spotted a couple of those negative comments. It made me feel bad because I know you’ve been and still working really hard to get there. I know how easily those kind of things can let someone down. I’m glad you’ve managed to grow a thick skin. Hope you’re settling in well in your new job and wish you all the best;)

  • Really? I’m so flattered, thanks so much, I really appreciate that you find my blog content useful! 😉

  • Thanks so much, Robby In fact I have made it my goal to read all of your blog articles once agan within 2 weeks!. Well I gotta starting reading so as not to miss the deadline!!

  • Hi Petr,

    Thanks so much for commenting, it’s really nice to hear from you again after all this time! I guess it might be a month or so since we had to stop our Fluency Start program, but it could be even longer – these days time is just flying by – day in, day out, week after week….

    As for my accent – thanks for sharing the video and I’m truly amazed that someone might think I’m a native English speaker. I guess it goes to show I’m doing something right! 😉

    Also thanks for cheering me up, let me just clarify that in this situation the commentators weren’t really criticizing my accent as such, so it didn’t get me down or anything like that. It has happened on other occasions, however, and I know what harsh criticism feels like, so I’ve kind of managed to grow a thick skin. Thanks for cheering me up anyway, I really appreciate it! 😉



  • PetrStransky

    Hi Robby,

    I do enjoy every article, video, comment, to be honest do appreciate all your work around englishharmony blog at all;) You’re truly inspirational person. It’s worth mentioning that just six lessons with you gave me much more than 6 years studying english;)
    Don’t worry about your accent, looking back at your first videos and now, well, you’ve done really good progress! Your speech is very clear, simple and easy to get it everytime;) and guess what, I shared one of your video with my irish colleague and he was under the impression that you’re irish who spent some time in the US;) Don’t let all the naysayers to get you down, keep your head up and you should be alright:) Thanks again, cheers, Petr