Repetition in Terms of English Learning & Weightlifting is the same!

By Robby

If you are new here please read this first.

When you go to gym and engage is resistance training, you perceive sets of repetitions as an integral part of your fitness routine.

When you learn and improve your English, however, you may find that you have some subliminal aversion (you perceive it as something bad despite not really knowing why) to the very term ‘repetition’!

You might perceive it as something robotic, something mechanical.

But it doesn’t necessary have to be like that ❗

Yes, traditionally repetition and memorization is performed in a boring and mechanical fashion whereby you repeat individual English vocabulary words followed by the translation in your native language (and it’s very wrong, please read this article to find out why!)

I wholeheartedly agree that this kind of repetition is boring indeed and it’s also detached from your real needs as a foreign English speaker.

What you need instead is – contextual repetition & memorization.

If done properly, this kind of phraseology and vocabulary building is efficient and also interesting enough to keep you motivated.

You’ll be able to see your fluency grow the same way you’d witness your muscular growth when training in a gym.

You’ll notice your confidence levels increase just like you’d become stronger after every next workout.

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Your Fluency Gym Coach,


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  • Thanks!

    I often get the same flash-backs to the exact moment when I heard a certain phrase or expression; and it doesn’t cease to amaze me!

  • Right, It really helps specially to non native speaker, constant encounter and repetition help a lot in phrasal manipulation.

  • Francisco Javier

    Great video.

    Context is key in order for you to learn vocabulary effectively. I sometimes remember which movie, series or documentary a certain word or expression I’m using comes from!

    Of course, having seen those programmes dozens of times helps too 😉

    PS: have a rest, man. Your health is of paramount importance!