English Idiomatic Expression: “Run the Risk of…”

By Robby

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If you’ve been ignoring the power of English idiomatic expressions, you’re running the risk of not being able to express yourself in a native-like way!

Today’s expression is “to run the risk of”, and I’m sure you noticed that I used this phrase in the previous sentence, didn’t you? 😉

When you learn this idiomatic expression, don’t try to analyze it too much, don’t try to make mental notes of this phrase being yet another one of those featuring the verb ‘to run’ (similar to “to run off” or “to run out of something”) and definitely don’t try to put all those idiomatic expressions containing the verb ‘to run’ under the same category!

If you’re anything serious about your English fluency, you must look at every new phrase and expression individually, so this one – “to run the risk of” – is ONLY EVER to associate with words that it would go with in a natural conversation:

“You’re running the risk of developing a serious…. (health problem, condition etc.)”

“My doctor told me I’m running the risk of getting a cardiovascular disease if I don’t stop… (smoking, drinking, eating junk food)”

“This late night partying has to stop, don’t you realize you run the risk of failing your exams if you don’t study hard enough?”

As always – watch the video above for more examples on how to use this idiomatic expression!

Chat soon,

Robby 😉

English Idiomatic Expressions

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