30-day Vocabulary Acquisition Course- Day 10- Happiness

By Shivam

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Hey everybody out there,

How are you all doing today?

Well, to tell you the truth, I am on cloud-nine these days as we are going so well with our “Free 30-day Vocabulary Acquisition Course”, and I know it’s the reciprocal from the other side as well.

As I mentioned earlier also, it takes both sides for the work to get done. So, as a teacher, I am leaving my rest case on you to read all my articles thoroughly and practice them with your own examples, so these expressions automatically become your second nature.

By the way, did you read yesterday’s article?

Well, if not, go read that first and come back here again later.

There are a number of occasions when people are on cloud nine.

For you, it could be when you won the race competition or any competition you were dying to win, while on the other hand, even getting a slap-up meal could be a cloud nine moment for a poor guy who doesn’t have a penny in his pocket. Isn’t it?

Every person’s experiences are different depending on what their dreams, vision or goals are, and when they get fulfilled, it’s a cloud-nine moment.

Even I was on cloud nine when I started this “Free 30-day Vocabulary Acquisition Course” and I guess, the same was the scenario on the other side of the screen. Isn’t it?

So by now, I hope it is crystal clear from the above context what this expression “on cloud nine” means?

You would have heard this phrase being used quite often in TV award shows, sports events or matches by a celebrity or a sportsperson when they win an award or a title for their great work in their respective field.

By the way, for those who are still confused about what this expression means?

It simply means that the person is extremely happy.

Some examples could be like:

  • It was a cloud-nine moment for India winning the ICC world cup after 28 years in 2011.
  • The pop singer was on cloud-nine being nominated in the list of the best singers of all time.

So when was the last time you were on cloud nine?

Did any cloud-nine moment happen to you recently?

I hope today’s lesson added some new vocabulary to your arsenal of active vocabulary which will be definitely useful in your daily life. Make sure you read this article thoroughly and practice it with your own examples so as they’ll become your second nature.

See you tomorrow with some new topic and vocabulary.

Till then keep learning and improving.

Take care and?


This article is part of the 30-day Vocabulary Acquisition Course. Sign up here to get every lesson in your inbox for free:

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