30-day Vocabulary Acquisition Course- Day 19- Age

By Shivam

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Helloooo everybody out there,

How are you all doing today?

Now please don’t mind, but how old are you?



Or 45?

Whatsoever your age may be, it’s never too late to learn anything, be it spoken English or any other skill.

I think age is just a number, isn’t it?

Well, if you don’t believe me, let’s read the context below and at the end you’ll decide by yourself if it’s true or not.

Welcome back to another chapter of our “Free 30-day Vocabulary Acquisition Course” where you’ll learn something new every day about a subject with context and examples, and so will you today.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the business and see the context-


I often go to the stadium for playing cricket where I see people of different ages, from little children to grown-up men, among whom some are even 40.

Few come here for the sake of enjoyment while others come to keep in shape.

Everybody could have different personal reasons, but definitely sports play a very crucial role in everybody’s life.

For example, we were very surprised when we saw yesterday an old man, all geared up in the kit, ready to play.

Initially, we thought we should stop him, as facing the ball from a young fast bowler at such an old age would be next to impossible for him, but seeing his bubbly personality and boundless energy we could not stop him to play.

Although he was 60 plus, there were no signs of it if one saw his performance.

He definitely didn’t act his age and gave a tough competition to other players who were as young as 20 to 25 if I have to guess.

I used to hear in the statements, TV shows, and the Internet till now that ‘age is just a number’, but what I saw yesterday was a real example of it.

All I can say after that is: it doesn’t matter what your age, height, or color is, but as long as you keep the same playful spirit of childhood, the world will be an open space of opportunities for you and you will have more chances to succeed and bring colors in your boring life.

What do you say about that?

Vocabulary to Acquire Today

Bubbly personality
Meaning- Lively, full of enthusiasm.
Example- Uncle Joseph has a very bubbly personality that encourages people around him to be more active.

Boundless Energy
Meaning- To have a lot of energy and enthusiasm.
Example- The soldiers had boundless energy to defeat the enemy in the battle.

No sign of it
Meaning- a self-explanatory phrase; someone or something is not in a place or cannot be found
Example- I searched for the documents all over the place, but there are no signs of it.

Act your age
Meaning- To behave in a manner as expected of your age.
Example- Although Ron is a grown-up man, he doesn’t act his age.

How did find this article?

I hope today’s lesson added some new vocabulary to your arsenal of active vocabulary which will be definitely useful in your daily life.

Make sure you read this article thoroughly and practice it with your own examples so as they become your second nature.

See you tomorrow with some new topic and vocabulary.

Till then keep learning and improving.

Take care and?


This article is part of the 30-day Vocabulary Acquisition Course. Sign up here to get every lesson in your inbox for free:

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