30-day Vocabulary Acquisition Course- Day 2- Meeting a Friend

By Shivam

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Helloooo everyone out there,

I hope you liked yesterday’s chapter.

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I am back again with another chapter of our “FREE 30-day Vocabulary Acquisition Course” and today let’s strengthen our bond by learning some vocabulary related to F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Oops sorry!

I meant to write ‘Friends’.

So without further ado, let’s see a friendly context and make our friendship stronger:


Yesterday I received a message from an old friend of mine whom I have not seen after the college farewell. His name was Jack, who used to be a close-knit friend during college days but as our priorities changed we never got time to get in touch.

Seeing his message I got all excited to meet him. I wanted to see how much has he changed in these years and what he was up to, so we decided to meet up at the square bar at 10:00 pm sharp.

When I saw him, I was quite shocked at seeing his transformation. He used to be a skinny guy during college days but he had some good muscles now. He told me he is an accountant in a reputed company in Mumbai.

I was not sure earlier if we would be able to catch up everything after so long; but to be frank, we hit it off quite well like we did the time we met on the first day of college. It was fun meeting him and reliving our golden memories during those days.

Vocabulary to Acquire Today

Close-knit Friend

Meaning: a very close friend.

Example: Harry is a close-knit friend of mine. He is always there to help me whenever I need him.

Meet up with somebody

Meaning: to go to a place with somebody.

Example: I decided to meet up with Emma for discussing some business issues.

Catch up

Meaning: If you catch up with friends who you have seen for some time, you talk to them and find out what has happened in their lives since the last time you talked together.

Example: All friends decided to catch up as it has been so long since they all met.

Hit it off

Meaning:  to find yourself immediately and naturally friendly with someone

Example: I don’t know I will be able to hit it off with your cousin. I find him a little arrogant.

How did you find today’s chapter?

So should I say we are all friends now because we learned some friendly vocabulary?

I hope today’s lesson added some new vocabulary to your arsenal of active vocabulary which will be definitely useful in your daily life.

Make sure you read this article thoroughly and practice it with your own examples so as they become your second nature.

See you tomorrow with some new topic and vocabulary.

Till then keep learning and improving and keep making F.R.I.E.N.D.S because I will there for you (ha-ha).

I meant ‘friends’.

Take care and?


This article is part of the 30-day Vocabulary Acquisition Course. Sign up here to get every lesson in your inbox for free:

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