30-day Vocabulary Acquisition Course- Day 22- What a small world!

By Shivam

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Context (First day at college)

Josh (moving to a table with his coffee): Can I sit here?
Emma: Yeah, of course.
Josh: So it’s your first day, how are you feeling about this new place?
Emma: I think it’s nice. But as I am a bit shy, so getting along with people takes me some time.
Josh: Oh, I see that. I am sorry, but you didn’t mention your name. Your name, please?
Emma: My name is Emma Clarke, and you?
Josh: I am Joseph Watson aka Josh.
Emma: Great! Nice to meet you, Josh.
Josh: Same here! So you must have scored quite well in your high school, I mean getting admission in this college is not easy.
Emma: I was an average student at my school times. It’s because of sports quota why I have been admitted to this college.
Josh: What a small world! I also got admission from sports quota.
Emma: Oh really! What do you play then?
Josh: Tennis, and you?
Emma: Me too. Why don’t you come to practice today at 4:00 pm?
Josh: Alright. See you then at 4:00 pm sharp at the sports complex.
Emma: Done! Bye-bye.
Josh: Bye.

Expression-What a small world!

Explanation– People often use this expression in reaction to an unexpected coincidence.

It’s a small world!” is also a phrase that can be used instead of “What a small world”. Let’s say you meet a person who is from the same university where you graduated from, or you and your friend decide to go to a common place without even telling each other, these are situations where you want to use this phrase, as it’s a coincidence that same things happened unexpectedly.

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This article is part of the 30-day Vocabulary Acquisition Course. Sign up here to get every lesson in your inbox for free:

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