30-day Vocabulary Acquisition Course- Day 27- Take a rain check!

By Shivam

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Hello everybody out there,

How are you doing today?

By the way, did you practice yesterday’s expressions?

I know you did, you are my good students and you practice daily.

It is for this reason that I bring a new chapter every day about a topic and teach you new expressions with context and examples. Hence, I welcome back all my dear English learners once again to our “Free 30-day Vocabulary Acquisition Course”, and I know you don’t like me beating around the bush, so without further ado, let’s get down to the business and see today’s context-


Aaron: Hey Anthony, How are you doing?

Anthony: I am doing well, thanks. How are you?

Aaron: Can’t complain!

Anthony: I heard you are seeing Emma these days.

Aaron: Yeah, we are great friends. I think we have so much in common.

Anthony: Have you proposed to her?

Aaron: No, not till now. I actually wanna spend some more time as it’s a very important matter.

Anthony: Yeah, I agree.

Aaron: Yeah man. By the way, where did you hear this from?

Anthony: Jonathan told me about it. He saw you both together at the square bar yesterday.

Aaron: Alright. By the way, do you wanna join us at dinner tonight? It will be so much fun.

Anthony: I am really sorry Aaron, I have to complete the assignments that need to be submitted tomorrow, but I will take a rain check for dinner this Sunday. Is that okay with you?

Aaron: No problem mate! I will see you later.

Anthony: See you. Bye.

Aaron: Bye-bye.

Did you ever take a rain check for something when you were busy at the moment?

Well, I have to do it quite often these days due to my busy schedule.

Hopefully, you would have understood from the context what it means when someone says to “take a rain check”.

Isn’t it?

By the way, for those who are still confused, it is simply an expression indicating that one is refusing an offer or invitation but with the hope or promise that it can be postponed or accepted at a later date or time.

Example: I am too tired after the practice session to go out. Can I take a rain check?

How did you find today’s chapter?

I hope it added some new vocabulary to your arsenal of active vocabulary which will be definitely useful in your daily life. Make sure you read this article thoroughly and practice it with your own examples so as they will become your second nature.

See you tomorrow with some new topic and vocabulary.

Till then keep learning and improving.

Take care and?


This article is part of the 30-day Vocabulary Acquisition Course. Sign up here to get every lesson in your inbox for free:

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