English Idiomatic Expression: “There’s no doubt about that”

By Robby

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Improve Spoken English

If you want to speak in English without much thinking and planning your speech in your head before actually speaking out loud, you should definitely look into learning various idiomatic expressions.

I’m not saying that purposeful acquisition of these expressions is going to make ALL the difference between your ability to speak fluently and not being able to speak at all. Sure enough, you can speak the very same way I would have been speaking a few years ago:

  • by sticking individual words together;
  • thinking in my native language & translating in my mind;
  • constantly trying to think of the right words to say.

If you learn idiomatic expressions, on the other hand, your brain gets wired with naturally occurring speech patterns, and it enables you to speak without much thinking, it happens automatically and instinctively.

So, starting from today – if you haven’t already been doing it – make sure to learn at least one or two idiomatic expressions a day, and you’ll improve your spoken English much faster than you ever thought possible, there’s no doubt about that!

Watch the video above where I’m providing examples on how to use today’s phrase – there’s no doubt about that – and you’ll also find out other things aside from English learning and improvement related stuff – such as what I think about dangers of smoking, or what the world is coming to these days with the ever increasing violence and crime levels.

Thanks for dropping by my dear friend, and see you soon again!


Robby 😉

English Idiomatic Expressions

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  • sunny Liu

    Hi Robby,
    I had thought that old way-grammar and translation only exist in our foreign english learning world!

    How awful you make me read through your long articles!

    and again, i want to hear and see you,sir!

  • Exactly my thoughts! Nowadays it’s so easy to go with the flow and take in and talk about the bad news only, but few people consider the fact that at some point it starts taking over our emotions. Next thing you know – everyone is moaning and complaining about how bad life is, but the simple fact is that it’s us who can filter what information we allow to penetrate our brain on a daily basis.

    Speaking of a camera – I’m using Flip Mino which is the cheapest HD camera on the market. With decent lighting you can achieve a pretty good picture, so you may want to look into that!



  • You’re quite right.

    In the old days it was a case of “No news is good news” but in today’s world anything bad is quickly reported and spread around the globe.

    PS: I’ve been wanting to buy an HD camera for some time. Who knows, maybe one day I will start posting videos too!