English Idiom: “To Your Heart’s Content”

By Robby

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Hi everybody!

The year is drawing to an end, Christmas is upon us, my Holidays have begun in earnest, and I can record videos just like this one TO MY HEART’S CONTENT!

Today’s video is dedicated to an English idiom TO YOUR HEART’S CONTENT, and first of all let’s validate it to see if it’s indeed a valid English word combination by entering this phrase into Google search (don’t forget to use quotation marks!):

English idiom to your heart's content

As you can see, it’s a totally valid English idiom as indicated by over 2 million search results and also the fact that the first search result clearly says: “to heart’s content” – idioms and phrases.

Now, as to what this idiom means – well, it’s simple enough indeed!

It simply means AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!

So, if you get to do something to your heart’s content, you get to do it as much as you want, and here’s a couple of examples:

  • When mom was gone, children could eat sweets to their heart’s content. Needless to say, there was hell to pay when the mother returned!
  • Single guys with no family commitments can play their Xbox to their heart’s content on the days off work.
  • Last night I spent a fair amount of time reading, but to be totally honest with you – I didn’t get to do it to my heart’s content because I had to get some sleep as well before going to work the next day!

Want more sample sentences?

Then watch the video above!



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  • zako ikay

    arigato, gozaymassta robby

  • Well…. You can’t really use this expression this way! “To my heart’s content” means “as much as I want”, so you could say, for example: “I’ve been reading you articles and watching your videos to my heart’s content, but I still can’t get enough of them!”

  • zako ikay

    believe me robby ,, reading your articles and watching your videos contribute to my heat content..

  • idiomrobby777

    When I heard this expression for the first time, I got the same impression! In reality its meaning is simple enough – as much as I want!

  • Sergio Rodrigues

    I was thinking the meaning was something,say, more profound, used in a romantic enviroment, like from the deep of my hearth!