English Phrasal Verb “To Pull Off”

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“To pull off” is a very handy, informal way of saying “to manage to do something”.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, you’re witnessing an incredible feet being accomplished. Let’s imagine that you’re working out in a gym with your friend and he does a 150 pound bench press which is totally off the charts!

Now, the natural question you want to ask your friend is the following: “Hey dude, that was crazy, how did you pull it off?!”

This phrasal verb can also be used when someone is engaged in some risky undertaking and their venture ends with success; basically what I’m talking about here is doing something risky and managing to do it without getting caught.

Let’s say for example, your college friends wanted to pull a prank on someone so they snuck into that person’s room despite the fact that they could have been easily spotted and then they wrapped all belongings of that person with industrial plastic wrap.

When you found out what had happened, the typical response would be: “Wow, that was mad! I thought you’d never pull it off!”

For more examples containing the phrasal verb “to pull off” please watch the video above ❗

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