English Idiomatic Expression: “Which Brings Us To The Next Point”

By Robby

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In today’s English Idiomatic Expression video you’re going to find out how to use the following phrase: “which brings us to the next point”.

While there’s a good chance you’ve already been using this phrase in your conversations, there’s also a possibility you’ve only heard it used by others – in which case you should definitely make sure to learn this phrase off by heart!


Well, it’s simple enough – if you can use this particular English phrase automatically (which means speaking it out loud without much thinking), you can make smooth transitions from one point to another while having a conversation in English with someone!

Not really sure what I’m talking about here?

Here’s an example for you: let’s say, for argument’s sake, you’re telling a work colleague of yours about an incident that happened the day before, and that it’s directly related to the lack of health and safety procedures in your company.

When you’re finished making that point, you also want to add another piece of information – namely, you want to point out that no matter what is being proposed in the monthly company meetings, it’s not taken on board by the management.

You can do it simply by saying: “And, by the way…” OR you can do it by using today’s idiomatic expression!

“… total lack of procedures, which brings us to the next point – no matter what is proposed…”

I think this phrase accomplishes the transition from one point to another rather beautifully, and if you want to hear more examples of how this can be used – you’re welcome to watch the video above!

Robby 😉

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