Why learning with a purpose is important?

By Shivam

If you are new here please read this first.

We eat to get energy for our body.

We drink to stay hydrated.

We exercise to remain fit.

So you see, humans have the tendency to do only those things which are directly or indirectly related to them down the road. I read tons of emails every weekend of people saying that they remain focused for a month or two, but later they lose their interest in the learning process and start doing something else.

Hey everyone out there,

Welcome back to English Harmony again, and I hope you had some good time this weekend. Today we will see how learning with a purpose helps you learn better and faster.

To dig deep down inside this issue, I chatted with one of the people who sent me these emails (That they can’t stick to the learning process and lose motivation). I needed to know the inside out of this issue so I could figure out where he lacked. To start with, I asked about his passions, the number of people he interacts with in English in real life, the opportunities he gets to speak, etc. Now I won’t reveal the whole chat and the real name, but I will definitely let you in on the fact where he was missing and you may be too.

He was a cook in a local restaurant in a non-English speaking country where he hardly spoke even a single line in English as all his staff members were native and most of them did not have even the basic knowledge about spoken English (maybe because they did not subscribe to English Harmony). So you see, he had zero opportunities in real life to speak in English and it was for this reason he has no passion to continue learning further. The atmosphere where he lived in and the place where he has to live the rest of his life provided him with zero opportunities to have a conversation in English.

I mean, why you would learn English if you will never use it in real life?

Figuring out the exact reason why you want to learn to speak English helps you learn better and be consistent in your efforts and hard work. After all, you won’t be motivated to learn to speak English in case you run a grocery store in the non-English speaking country where 99 percent of people speak the native language.

I know many of you would be like- It’s not good to judge someone on the basis of their profession and what they do, but my dear friends, without motivation or aim if you do something it’s not going to give you the desired result.

People who work for a multi-national company has to deal with international clients, sportsperson with the media, and teachers to teach other students in English. So you see, they all have a purpose why they have to learn to speak English and that is what motivates them to keep learning and improving.

All I say is, find what your dreams are, find the purpose why you wanna learn English speaking and then stick to one website or source for the betterment of your spoken English, or if you wanna improve faster, English Harmony System helps you with it which is jam-packed with more than 1300 English idiomatic expressions with spaced repetition technique to directly imprint them in the mind of readers.

I hope this article gave you enough idea and grasp of knowledge about the importance of learning with a purpose.

Lemme know about your views in the comment section below.

Till then keep learning and improving.

Take care and?


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