Do You Get Stuck In English When Hearing Yourself?

By Robby

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Hi Folks,

This time I’d like to tell you a strange thing from my own experience – and I must stress – it’s really weird!

It’s about getting confused while speaking English with someone – and you know why? Because I suddenly start hearing myself – my speech. And I instantly get knocked out of the normal speech rhythm and have to gather myself up.

Why is it happening? Why would hearing your own voice make you feel embarrassed to an extent when you start speaking with a really bad accent and get stuck?

I don’t know the exact answer – but many of you have sent me e-mails telling the very same thing…

You see – usually you wouldn’t consciously listen into your speech. You just don’t think about it when you speak. But sometimes some kind of a trigger gets clicked and you start hearing the words coming out of your mouth and the more you listen to them, the worse you speak!

My advice in this case is to slow down the speech. And – it may sound awkward – don’t try to maintain the previous good pronunciation. Allow yourself speaking in a slightly distorted English for a while and you’ll see that the normal speech will return in a few minutes.

It happens even to me! 🙂 So it’s perfectly fine to have these ups and downs – like in other aspects of life.

Thanks everyone – and have a nice day!


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