Do You Wonder Why You Can’t Speak Fluent English?...

Don’t …While Foreigners Who Have Used My Unique Speech Exercising Techniques Are Enjoying Easy Conversations With Other English Speakers?


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My Dear Foreign English Speaker,

I’ll be totally honest with you - traditional English studies won’t make you into a fluent English speaker! And if you’re anything like me, by now you should have arrived to the same conclusion - or else you wouldn’t be reading this, right?


But what if I told you my unique multimedia speech exercising and confidence boosting English Harmony System actually does the trick and helps you start speaking fluent English in the shortest time possible?

I’m not kidding you - just stay with me for a short while and you’ll understand why the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition is different from the ordinary English grammar and test books, listening CDs and workbooks. Hey - maybe you’ll even want to send me an e-mail like this one:

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English Harmony Customer BaerbelIt's everybody's dream to speak English like a native speaker or at least to speak fluently. We read a lot of books, watch movies, lead small talks and we notice that something is missing: the fluency.

How can we improve our speed of speaking? Often it happens that we can't express ourselves because we are looking for special expressions.  How to say it clearly and correctly?
I have found Robby Kukurs on the Internet. His English Harmony System made me curious and I bought it. I am delighted with it. My English has dramatically improved. I can speak English fluently. Using the English Harmony System I have learned the most commonly used phrases and word combinations. The principles applied by Robby Kukurs are well structured and ellaborated.

I can highly recommend "English Harmony" as your companion on the way to fluent English!



Baerbel Kulisch from Germany

What you’re about to read right now will surprise you, shock you, but most importantly - finally open your eyes on what’s happening in the English teaching industry!

Have you been doing all the following:
 hammering English grammar into your brain;
 learning hundreds of new English words;
 reading English fiction, newspapers and magazines;
 writing in English hoping it will cement the language into your mind;
 using expensive English learning software...

…only to discover that when it comes to speaking English with native speakers you’re next to useless?

Then read on - my name is Robby and learning the English language has been my hobby for the last 24 years. And just like you I couldn’t figure out why my spoken English is so bad while my reading, writing and understanding were perfect!

Well… Here’s the good news - I finally cracked the code, improved my spoken English and mastered fluent English speech thanks to finally understanding how it is possible to REALLY speak English language fluently!

But first things first…


“How I Wasted Years Of My Life
Learning English Only To Discover
That I Was USELESS When Facing
Native English Speakers…”


Until 2002 I was living in my home country - have you ever heard of Latvia? - and I considered myself a fairly good English speaker. I had started studying English on my own when I was around ten years old and to put it simply - I fell in love with the English language!

I was amazed at how simple the English language actually is - no difficult conjugations to learn, no genders - why wouldn't it be possible to learn the language in a few months time?

During my high school years and later on - the university - I was always among the best in the English class. But then I had an opportunity to leave my homeland and move to an English speaking country.

When the plane landed and I stepped outside the airport, the cold truth instantly hit me - I couldn’t speak the English language!!!


How could I - Robby - whose biggest hobby was learning
the English language and bragging to friends about
the number of English words I knew (but the others
hadn’t even heard about!) - not be able to speak English?


Back then I felt like having received a cold shower. Now I know why it was happening to me - and I know that it’s most likely a big issue for you, my friend, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading my website and trying to figure out how to finally break down the mental barrier and start using the English language in real life communication rather than only read, write and listen to it!


Dilemma #1: Little children don’t know a single English grammar rule - yet they speak fluently!

Have you ever looked at a little native English speaking kid - say, 6 years old - and thought to yourself - “how come he’s so young yet speaks English way better than me? I’ve spent more years on studying English than he’s lived in this world! Still - when it comes to fluency I’m way behind….”

But can you imagine how I felt when my daughters started speaking English better than ME having lived in Ireland for just a year? Soon after I left my country my family followed and my little daughters - they were just four at the time - joined an English-speaking school.

And to my surprise in a year’s time they could speak fluent English with one tenth of my vocabulary and without knowing a single grammar rule! Well, that was a shocker to me...

But I was desperate to achieve English fluency and improve my spoken English... So I just kept reading English fiction - book after book - and writing down all the new words - then repeating and memorizing them.

I would take my dictionary to work and repeat new English vocabulary whenever I had a chance. Eventually I had learnt more than 7000 new English words in two years time… just to discover that my daughters had become even more fluent! But when I had to speak with native English speakers - at work, when shopping or in bank - I experienced a whole array of emotions: confusion, embarrassment and shame.

Why? Because the harder I tried to speak English, the less successful my attempts became!

 I couldn’t pronounce words normally - it felt as if I had no control over my mouth!
 I was making stupid grammar mistakes - despite the fact that if I had to write it all down on the paper, there wouldn’t be a single mistake!
 I would constantly get stuck for words - even though I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to say…
 my head seemed to be full of different English words and thoughts floating around - it was overwhelming!
I constantly caught myself thinking in my native language and translating into English while speaking…
 despite the fact that I KNEW I can speak very well - I suddenly just COULDN’T… for no reason at all!!!
 Eventually I would completely lose the thread of thoughts and wouldn’t know what to say…



Dilemma #2: There are many foreign English speakers whose grammar is terrible… yet they speak absolutely fluently!

I used to work with a Chinese girl who had been in Ireland for years and finally got married to an Irishman. Her English was fluent - I mean, she could speak fluently and without interruptions. There was only thing about her English that was far from perfect - grammar.

She didn’t quite know when to use Present Perfect and when - Simple Past. Word sequence in her sentences was also wrong on many occasions.

But listen to this - I envied her with my perfect English grammar because she could speak without effort and feel completely free! Speaking with boss? No problem! Attending meetings and analyzing reports? She was brilliant at it!

But me? The thousands of English words I knew and hundreds of grammar rules I drilled through over and over again did very little help! Imagine how I felt when attending job interviews, for example.

Sometimes I’d perform really well and when I felt my confidence return I’d start speaking fluent English for some time. It would last only for a while, though, to be replaced by the previous state of inability to speak English fluently.

But sometimes I was so bad that the interviewer would say something like - sorry, but you should go and improve your English first before applying to similar positions… It HURT so much! Knowing that my English is really good but being unable to actually use it in daily conversations! 


“How I Went From a Struggling
English Speaker To Absolute
Fluency In A Year’s Time…”


During all my years of relentless effort in pursuit of the English fluency I did learn a few very important things, though. I learnt them the hard way, but then there was no-one to guide me, to teach me about what I actually had to do to improve my English fluency and help feeling myself as a part of the English speaking society.

I was following only the mainstream English studying principles that you most likely already know:
 read a lot;
 listen a lot;
 study grammar;
 learn new words;
 immerse yourself in the English language...


This is just a fraction of books I read trying to achieve English fluency...

My dictionaries with endless lists of new be
never used
in real English conversations!


Here are the things I learnt the hard way, and the most shocking thing of all is that the English teaching industry doesn’t want you to know about them!...


Fact #1:
The ONLY way of learning Fluent English is…
To learn it by speaking, speaking and
let me tell you once more -
SPEAKING in English!


Answer now this simple question - what is happening in 99% of English classes at schools, colleges, ESL classes and adult education centers?

The typical lesson is structured the following way - the teacher stands in front of a class of 15 - 30 students. Then the teacher writes new vocabulary words on the board and you write them down into your copybooks. Then you start working in your textbooks and you have to fill in gaps by choosing the right words and proper grammar constructs.

Then your teacher spends some time explaining you a new grammar concept, and you're writing down sentences in your copybook to illustrate the respective grammar rule.

So during the years you’ve become pretty good at ONE thing - creating English sentences in your copybook by a way of utilizing your passive vocabulary and applying grammar rules when sitting at the desk in a classroom!

But don't all those people behind this educational system know that the most important goal of learning the English language - to SPEAK it - is completely ignored? Yes! They do!

But they're very limited in what they can do because the educational system is based on written assessments. Teachers simply haven't got enough resources to focus on the oral fluency, and the only viable solution for them is to teach the language by writing…

And mind this - those few conversations you’re having while attending English classes, or even using some popular English learning course on the Internet contribute very little to your English fluency!

But what are the basics of fluent English then - you may ask? Well - here we go…


Fact #2:
English Fluency is determined by...
How well you can u
English word combinations
acquired in the process of speaking!


This is where we can look at little children again… Because to understand the basics of language learning, we have to look at how it happens naturally.

So - do mothers teach grammar to their kids to help them start speaking? Is writing the first thing a child does before pronouncing the first words? Of course not!

To cut the long story short - the secret behind learning the language naturally is to learn word combinations as they’re used in the real life conversations!

A perfect example - “Pick it up!” There’s a very high probability that a child learns the world “to pick” in this exact context - when the mother or father tells him to pick something up. You see? The words “to pick”, “it” and “up” may mean very little to the child at the early stage; yet the word combination “pick it up” carries a very clear meaning!

Coming from this we can similarly understand that this is the exact way of learning English for everyone - learning the world combinations like “come with me”, “I like you”, “I’m feeling fine” and so on. And while I don’t deny that it’s more or less the basics of every English teaching course, once again we have to look at the speaking part. The child hears his mother say the words, repeats them and starts using them. That’s it!

Later on when he goes to school he’s taught how to put those words down on the paper, but what the non-native speakers are taught is the very opposite - first how to put words on the paper and then - how to speak them! You see - completely against the very nature of natural language speaking!

While the traditional English studies help understating the language’s structure and syntax to a native speaker, for us - foreign English speakers - the main purpose of the language studies has to be learning to SPEAK the language! I personally believe it’s the ONLY purpose or learning any language! Having said that however, I don’t underestimate the importance of correct grammar and writing skills, but it's beside the point anyway. My point is that SPEECH always comes first - then the rest!

But if this still didn’t convince you that the conventional methods of teaching the English language are highly ineffective - allow me to introduce you to the 80/20 rule - also known as the Pareto principle…


Fact #3:
Around 80% of spoken English
requires ONLY 20% of English material
you’ve been studying!


So what this means in the context of English learning efficiency? It means the following - MOST of the vocabulary and grammar you learn in school is not going to be used in real life! Let’s look at English grammar tenses, for example. To be honest with you, I've never heard a native English speaker say something like this: “I was being driven home by a friend of mine yesterday”. A native speaker would use much simpler grammar constructs, such as: “A friend of mine gave me a lift home yesterday”!

Actually, the chances are that a native English speaker would actually have difficulties with understanding the first sentence while the second one probably wasn't even taught to you in the English class…

You see - the academic English teaching process requires teachers to provide students with a certain amount of knowledge. And who cares if the biggest part of it is going to be forgotten right after the tests, right? Well, actually it’s time for you to start care about it because you are just wasting your time and money on learning things you’re not going to use!

You should focus on the ESSENTIAL vocabulary and grammar that comprises the biggest part of spoken and also written English.

Did you know, for example, that the first 100 most commonly used English words make up one half of all the written English material these days? It’s a typical 80/20 rule in action - and the same goes with grammar.

Forget about grammar that is of no use in real life! Forget about learning words you’ll never use when speaking in English!

When I was first speaking to native English speakers in Ireland I had great difficulties understanding them mostly because they used real spoken English instead on academic language. And they often couldn’t get was I was talking about using my advanced vocabulary and super grammar.

Remember - in real life no-one cares what you KNOW...

All that matters is how well you are able to COMMUNICATE with others!


Fact #4:
Traditional English studies train
your visual memory - which becomes
when it comes to speaking!


This can be best explained by the following example. Let’s say, today you have to learn 6 new English words. How do you do it? You write them down in your notebook with a translation in your native language or you’re using a flashcard. After a few repetitions you can perfectly remember the words and the job’s done, isn’t it? Well, well, let’s have a look at how you accomplished the goal!

You were looking at the written word, read it out loud or slightly whispered it to yourself. Then, by covering the word you brought up its meaning from your short-term memory. Nice!

Provided that you repeat these words over and over again - just like I used to do - on a daily basis, you’ll be able to settle them into your permanent memory. But have you ever thought about what part of memory you’re using when hammering new English words in your head? It’s the visual memory! Yes, EVERY time you’re looking at the corresponding translation of a particular English word in your native language, your mind unmistakably finds the corresponding entry.

But what happens when you have to use vocabulary acquired in such a way in real-life conversations? You just have to keep on digging in your memory bringing up the words, translating them from your own language and sticking them together using grammar rules! Now, is the resulting speech a live, natural English language? Nope!...

You see - the biggest mistake made by the conventional English study method creators is the following.

They’ve assumed that in order to acquire the English language it is enough to train your mind through written exercises! However, they’ve forgotten the most important part of a successful - and the ONLY natural way - of language learning…

CONSTANT feedback between your mind, hearing and SPEAKING! Yes, your tongue has to be constantly trained the very same way you’re training your mind, visual memory and speech recognition through hearing! All these things have to work in unison…


Fact #5:
The best way of learning grammar is through
Speaking grammatically correct English -
NOT learning grammar rules separately!


First I want to ask you - what is English grammar for? It binds words together and determines their place in a sentence.

Now, provided that you learn the English language the natural way - through speaking and repeating sentences the way they’re spoken by native speakers - do you have to study the grammar rules separately? You see - English grammar isn’t some abstract concept existing on its own - it’s so interconnected with naturally occurring English speech patterns that if you learn natural spoken English, you acquire all the necessary grammar rules without actually knowing them and drilling them into your mind!

Most likely - if you’ve been anything like me during the past years - you know English grammar pretty well. But unless you’re a language specialist requiring this knowledge for language studies and analysis - what’s the use of knowing the grammar rules if you can't speak correctly?

And here’s the kicker - it takes by far less time to learn English grammar by speaking the language than if you learn the grammar rules separately and then apply them EVERY time you’re trying to speak!

To make this all more understandable I’ll use analogy with driving a car.

Learning the English language the conventional way is like learning everything ABOUT the car. You can learn every single rule of the road, every car part, acquire massive theoretical knowledge about different driving techniques and so on. But when you sit in a driver’s seat for the first time - this is when you have to start learning again!

So back to the English language --


 EVERY time you’re learning a new English word - it has to be learned in some context - in a way it’s used naturally.
 EVERY time you’re doing so - you’ll be acquiring the correct grammar as well because it’s already part of real, spoken English!
 EVERY time you’re learning the new word combinations you have to speak them out loud! You can put them down on the paper, but please make sure to speak them out loud!
 EVERY time you’ve learned something new you have to put it in practice - use the words, expressions and proverbs in dialogs and conversations!


So do you still want to stubbornly keep making the same mistakes and waste even more time on studying English and trying to improve your fluency the traditional way?

Please don’t repeat my mistakes! Don’t spend countless hours on perfecting the academic knowledge of English because apart from passing tests it will be USELESS!

Tell me honestly now - why do you want to speak fluent English in the first place? To be able to tell a native English speaker all the occasions when, let’s say, a definite article is used in the English language OR to be able to actually speak with them? The chances are - and I believe it’s the only reason why one actually should study a foreign language - you need the English language to speak to other people!

But look at what it's become - we learn to read, understand and write perfectly, and our English teachers are proud of the work they’ve done. And to be honest - who can blame them? They simply don't know any better because they received the same education and it's been going on like this for generations! And I think you understand only too well that those few conversations you have in the English class can't possibly make you into a fluent English speaker no more than sitting behind a wheel for a minute a day can make you into a good driver!

So what do you think I eventually did to master the English fluency? Yes, you’re right. I just started speaking it!

"Wait Robby, wait!" - you’re probably saying now. "What are you talking about? How can you START speaking fluent English just like that?"

Well, it didn't happen overnight, you're right about that. I had been speaking with other English speakers while living in Ireland for years, and my progress was very, very slow at first because I was ALWAYS speaking by creating English sentences in my head - as if I were writing - and then speaking them out loud. As you can imagine, my speech was therefore hesitant, interrupted and unnatural.

I didn't give up, however. I did all I could in order to improve my English:

 I spent countless hours on speaking with myself.

 I forced myself to think in English to get rid of my native language in my mind.

 I was working in a warehouse at the time so I had plenty of time while picking orders. I was simply chatting with myself - about my problems, about my interests, hobbies, about the events that were happening in my life; I was imagining myself in hundreds of different situations. Basically I was voicing my thoughts out loud. Slowly, gradually, step-by-step my spoken English improved.

And mind - it took me more than a year of countless hours spent on speaking with myself and re-building the English language from the ground up to understand the simple truth - speaking and repeating grammatically correct English sentences is the KEY to a really Fluent English language!


But now I want to tell you how
YOU CAN make the same change
n a fraction of time it took me - and why...

I spent hundreds of hours on speaking while not being aware of what was happening in my brain and speech producing organs. I programmed myself to speak like native speakers do, like a little child learns the English language by repeating what he hears...

By speaking about thousands of different subjects over the course of more than a year, I slowly cemented most commonly used English phrases and sentences in my brain...

But here’s the most important part - if done selectively and on purpose, the same job can be accomplished within a matter of a couple of months! Do you remember the 80/20 rule? You can actually eliminate 80% of the time I spent on building the natural English fluency!

And there’s more to it - by actually REPEATING the English sentences after they’re spoken by someone and THEN using them in real-time conversations you don’t have to make the unnecessary effort and form the sentences yourself!

You can do it either the hard way, or the smart way. You can do it by applying grammar rules and construct every new English sentence from scratch (use your conscious mind) or learn the language itself (use your subconscious mind) and speak the English language efficiently, effortlessly and fluently!


"A Revolutionary, One-of-a-Kind Video - Audio System
That Builds Your English Fluency From The Ground Up…

... That YOU Can Efficiently Use To Master
Fluent English In The Shortest Time Possible!”


English Harmony System de Luxe Edition!

English Harmony System de Luxe Edition

It would take you countless THOUSANDS of hours to go through the same trial and error method I have over the past years... and the chances are that you wouldn’t have the time and patience to accomplish that goal! Especially - if you have no-one to talk to - then the task becomes almost mission impossible…

Or, you could take the advantage of having all my knowledge, experience, and most efficient English fluency improving techniques summarized in a straightforward, step-by-step system that you could easily follow and use to finally start speaking fluent English!

Buy English Harmony System de Luxe Edition!
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Hi Robby,

You can’t even imagine how your system has helped me to convince myself that my English is good enough to feel confident when I speak to others.

I have to admit that I was sceptic about your system in the beginning, but whenever I had problems to express my thoughts and feelings I recalled one of your advices and I started to think in a different, more positive way.

I have many friends from different countries. Some of them were facing similar problems. Whenever one asks me where I have learned to speak with that confidence I say about one thing I can take responsibility for – the English Harmony System.

Thank You!


Przemyslaw Gotner from Poland

I did a really comprehensive online research on language studying techniques and methods. I got in touch with a good number of English teaching professionals.

I spent another half year putting it all together so that you don’t have to waste your time on English improving methods and techniques that don’t work!

A revolutionary, one-of-a-kind system that
subconsciously builds your spoken English
from the ground up... so you are GUARANTEED
to start speaking fluent English
in the shortest time possible!

100 unique speech exercising and meditation videos... spread out over 4 modules... each containing hours of interactive video lessons…

... "English Harmony System de Luxe Edition" is designed to help ANYONE who can read and write in English to start finally SPEAKING the language!

Just so that there are no surprises, let me tell you EXACTLY what you'll receive in each module of the interactive video - audio system “English Harmony System de Luxe Edition”…


Hi, Robby!

I’m living in my native country and I’m not going to go anywhere in nearest future. So, I need English for not very regular communication with guests visiting us, during occasional visits abroad, for reading and translating. In spite of my very poor English knowledge I’ve never been too afraid of speaking, perhaps due to the friendly atmosphere and attitude of our visitors, but certainly such a “mimes’, arms’ and legs’” language cannot last forever.

For me the greatest breakthrough in the understanding of learning process was after I read your articles in the blog, it was a discovery for me, so I was able to understand, what was the problem with all my previous learning (since school) and “whence blows the wind”.

I think I wouldn’t be able to put this theory into practice only by knowing it. The English Harmony System compels you to speak and repeat and breaks the iron habit of “theoretical” learning. It is like you cannot learn how to sing without singing. In the middle of the course I caught the method and started to apply it to things I love and other books, songs, audio and video materials. I said good bye to the most common illusion: “After I learn the language, I will speak,” and started “packing” myself with phrases.

So I can say that all “mental” learners really need such a shove like this program to stop barking up the wrong tree and to begin use the language, because this is the only way to find the lively spring of language effusing outside.



Module 1:
“Speech Master”

English Harmony System de Luxe - Speech Master

"Achieve Fluent English Speech In 30 Days Time Or Less!"


In Module 1 of the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition you’ll receive 30 interactive video lessons - each nearly 10 minutes long! - teaching you to speak instead of focusing on formal grammar rules and vocabulary drills…

These unique speech exercising lessons will cement all the necessary English language constructs in your mind and most importantly - your speech!

 During the video lessons you'll be ONLY speaking, and your visual memory associations and any other wrong vocabulary associations are going to be weakened by the constant spoken practice!
 A friendly speaking character will help you to feel as if you’re actually being involved in a conversation thus making the learning process more efficient!
 The easy navigation allows for adjusting the learning speed depending on what your personal needs are. Remember - no matter how slow you speak - it’s YOUR speech and there’s nothing wrong with speaking a bit slower than the average speaker!

"Speech Master" video lessons 
are SO powerful that you will easily
pick up natural English speech patterns
such as expressions, idioms and proverbs!

Provided that you complete the Speech Master Module, repeat the sentences you hear and then use them in the dialogues with the friendly digital character - I guarantee you’ll start speaking Fluent English!

Remember the 80/20 rule? These speech exercising lessons have been designed by keeping this principle in mind, so they contain about 95% of the spoken English you need to use in your everyday conversations!

Let me remind you once more - you can learn to SPEAK a language only by speaking. And you won’t have to waste more time in the pursuit for English fluency - I’ll give you the very concentrate of the spoken English in Module 1 “Speech Master” so that you can practice your spoken English efficiently and master English fluency in the shortest time possible!


Thanks to English Harmony I have killed my fear of speaking! Like many English learners, writing or reading is not the main issue. Actually, we struggle a lot when it comes to speaking.

Even after numerous years of learning at school, I was not capable of getting a short conversation with a native English speaker. I lost my words; my sentences were totally awkward, my pronunciation a nightmare! I should repeat everything many times before being understood.

That was so frustrating that I gave up English for many years. Quite recently I needed to improve my English for professional matters. So I had to find a learning program. That is how I found English Harmony.

I was immediately confident in that program because Robby went through the exact same issues like me as a learner. I spent a huge amount of time reading his blog so interesting it is! Eventually, I purchased his program, and I am very happy because it's true - the key is to have bunches of words, phrases ready to pop out without thinking.

So I highly recommend the English Harmony System - it's like an English gym you do every single day. It's funny and efficient!


Alexia Salgues, Toulouse, France.

Buy English Harmony System de Luxe Edition!

Module 2:
“Confidence Mentor”

English Harmony System de Luxe - Confidence Mentor

"Discover The Secrets To Maintaining
English Fluency AT ALL TIMES!"


"Confidence Mentor" is the first English language confidence building and maintaining system available today! If you use the unique success-programming meditation videos, you will…

 manifest your English fluency at lightning speed…
 easily handle situations when you’re speaking English in stressful situations!
 prepare yourself in the shortest time possible for important occasions - interviews, dates and meetings!
 program yourself
for success when speaking English by using proven mental techniques!

Moreover - thanks to the unique nature of these English fluency confidence building videos you won’t even need to make any conscious effort while watching them! You just need to relax and immerse yourself into visualisation and affirmations!

Remember - your brain is capable of much,
much more than you actually think, and by
programming yourself for English fluency
you’re so much more likely to achieve it!

You can also use “Confidence Mentor” on occasions when you suddenly relapse into the old state of bad spoken English. Let’s say - you’ve accomplished the goal and mastered English fluency after completing the English Harmony Module 1 - “Speech Master”. But every now and then you might feel as if you’re losing it - you know, human mind is very tricky indeed!

What to do? Don’t panic! Just choose the corresponding video from “Confidence Mentor” and your fluency will be back to normal in no time!

I’ve also added perfectly matched music to the videos to help speed up the success programming, so the only thing you have to do is sit back and program yourself for fluency!


I had problems speaking and understanding native speakers, but since I found the English Harmony System, I feel so much improvement with my English speaking and listening! I totally recommended this program for those who want to improve their English language!


Daud Winata, Montreal, Canada.

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Module 3:
“Chat Assistant”

English Harmony System de Luxe - Chat Assistant

"Improve Your Spoken English Even Further -
Experience All Life Situations Without Leaving Your House!"


When using Module 3 - “Chat Assistant” - you’ll get to practice spoken English using all you’ve learned in “Speech Master” - and even more!

You will chat to your friends, meet new people and explore the world without spending a dime in the process! This is especially handy when you have very few opportunities to practice spoken English with real people in real life.

And even if you already live in an English speaking country with lots of communication opportunities - “Chat Assistant” will teach you plenty of additional naturally occurring speech patterns so that you can speak fluently about a wide array of topics!

Very important - “Chat Assistant” isn’t just like pocket dictionary for getting around in different situations. It’s FULLY interactive, asking our questions, accepting answers and making sure you’ve learned the required word combinations before proceeding onto the next lesson!

Here you can have a sneak-peak at what’s included in this English Harmony System de Luxe Edition Module's 30 interactive video lessons:

 Getting to know somebody and introducing yourself;
 Doing a job interview;
 Discussing various topics like history, global warming or finances;
 Going out to night clubs and eating out;
 Going for holidays and getting around in the airport…

And much, much more in an easy-to-follow interactive video format!

This is the ideal way of practicing spoken English without leaving your room! And when you go out for real, you'll be so much more confident and able to use all these speech patterns in real life!

Chat Assistant is PACKED FULL with
real-life conversation simulations and
you will find yourself in an ideal
English speaking environment!

“Chat Master” takes the “Speech Master’s” phraseology and adds another 450 English expressions to it thus enabling you to communicate and talk virtually about everything!


I was searching for videos for IELTS…
And hey guys…! I found Robby's YouTube channel. I realized he is “the one who has done it already”. That’s the reason I decided to walk his path. And result is amazing… though I still have long way to reach his level of fluency I am confident Robby’s EH will take me to the end.

Before starting this program I was a common English user. Lack of spoken skills had caused me a lot of stress in my professional life. But you won’t believe that after staring EH program I realized I suck in my native language as well.. :-).

In my office days, I had other managerial skills, my company apprised me over other talkative colleagues but deep down I knew I am second in communication, especially in English…World’s professional language. I was good at writing, listening, analyzing but speaking was the area where I wanted to improve upon. I tried different techniques like reading newspapers in order to improve my vocabulary, watching TV, movies. But believe me - I could use very little of all that in my speech.

But now with the tool of EH System in my hand I know exactly what to catch form the TV, newspapers and any other conversations around me… Guys, it is really an automated system and one can feel it’s happening inside you!

You never notice when you punched the phrase you learned from EH System, you just feel that you just did it. I keep on doing that several times & can’t express my joy and the confidence it gives me while dealing with people.
English Harmony really rocks… Thanks a lot to Robby, to his dedication & to his daily blog on YouTube.

I strongly recommend English Harmony System to my fellow foreign English speakers from the bottom of my heart. And see how 80/20 concept works in real life…


Sachin C. , Mumbai, India

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Module 4:
“Fluency Booster”

English Harmony System de Luxe - Fluency Booster

"Make Your Move to an English Speaking Country
a Walk in the Park and Settle Down Effortlessly!"


"Fluency Booster" adds another 30 speech exercising lessons to the package thus bringing the total number of lessons to astonishing 100! This Module has exactly the right conversation topics for a foreigner settling into an English speaking country – starting from English small-talk and ending with ringing up utility companies!

Ideal for those living in an English speaking country – all possible situations covered!
Particular focus on English small-talk which is essential to fit into the local society!
Even including topics like “Birth of a Baby” and “Signing Contracts” to make sure your phraseology is developed to the highest standards!
Effortless natural speech pattern acquisition will ensure you won’t even have to exert any mental effort to remember all those phrases and sentences!
Whether you choose to study according to specifically tailored plans or pick lessons of your own choice, these unique speech exercising lessons are just as effective!

Did you know that English small talk is of a particular importance to those foreigners who move to an English speaking country? You've just got to be able to engage in simple conversations with the locals if you want to fit into the local society!

Also, how about finding your dwelling or moving a house, ringing up utility companies and singing contracts? Your spoken English needs to reflect all these life necessities and even more, so that's why you've got the fourth Module of the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition - Fluency Booster - at your disposal!

Fluency Booster is ideal for those
everyday small-talk simulations will make
your English just like that of a native speaker!

“Fluency Booster” is brining the total number of phrases contained within the English Harmony System de Luxe up to a staggering 1350!


I've been studying through the English stuff Robby has provided us here, such as articles, videos, and mainly his English Harmony System.

Thus, I can tell for sure that his website is one of the best I've come across up until now. I recommend Robby's English Harmony System to all those who are really willing to learn English!


Dirant Mendes, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

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“English Harmony: Insider's Secrets”


English Harmony - Insider's Secrets

"Nitty-Gritty of English Fluency Issues, Solutions and Also
Loads Of Practical Advice You Can Use Everyday!"


If you use the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition, you’ll be able to speak fluent English at all times with your friends, colleagues, customers and also people you meet everyday such as shop-assistants or bank clerks. I want you to feel 100% secure about your English fluency, though.

Then listen to what I’m offering to you in the “English Harmony: Insider’s Secrets” eBook…

 Not only does this 78 page eBook contain all the necessary instructions on how to use the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition to your maximum benefit. You’ll also get the following…

 Should you EVER have a situation when you need an instant boost to your English fluency - just use the 5 Step Formula from pages 59 - 62 - and your fluent English speech will be back in no time!

You know - even I sometimes have some slight problems with my spoken English - and then I immediately use the 5 Step Formula. I’m telling you - it’s wonderful and has helped me on a dozen of very important occasions:

 The second-round job interview to get my latest job (which I love!)
 Congratulating our company’s director - I was chosen as the spokesperson!
 Speaking at the parents’ meeting at school;
 and many more!

 You’ll also get practical advice on how to use the 80/20 rule in your everyday life when it comes to learning new English words and grammar - pages 72 - 76!

 Also, after reading Chapter 5 - Mind Games: Unleashing Your Full Potential - you’ll be able to completely change the way you perceive yourself as a foreign English speaker and be so much more confident at all times!

And by the way - “English Harmony: Insider’s Secrets” is available in 3 different formats - PDF, MOBI and ePub, so you can use it on e-readers like Kindle and also on your iPad.

As you can see, I’ve packed ALL my years of English learning, my endless trials and errors in the pursuit of English fluency into the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition… I’ve left nothing out and no stone unturned, so you can start speaking English fluently as quickly as possible!

Hi Robby,

Greetings from Myanmar!

I want to say how thankful I am to you for your English Harmony System! My English was very bad before. I didn't even know how to ask a simple question. I always hesitated to speak in English because I was afraid of what the other person might think of me, like - what if I say something that doesn't make any sense or incorrect grammar, accent, etc.

When I started doing your English Harmony System, I gained more confidence to talk in English. I followed according to your study plan and I noticed that my English is getting better and better.

Thanks Robby for helping us to boost our confidence in speaking in English and showing us the right way to learn English. I recommended your system to my family and friends and they all love it! Last but not least, thank you, Robby for helping us to improve English. God bless you!


Htoo, Myanmar

"If You Think This Unique English Fluency System Is
Going To Cost You A Fortune...

... You're In For A VERY Pleasant Surprise!"


As I mentioned earlier, I wasted more than TWENTY YEARS or my life trying to achieve English fluency.

I bought countless English fiction and self-help books and literally devoured them! I built thousands of words large English vocabulary based on what I was reading. I could actually visualize where every single word stands in my pocket dictionary so that whenever I had to look something up I just flipped through it and found it!

I bought plenty - and I mean PLENTY - of English grammar books, test books, and also self-help books to help me understand if I had some sort of a mental problem which prevented me from speaking English fluently…

I bought ridiculously expensive English learning software claiming to help achieve English fluency - only to find out that I already knew all the knowledge contained within - I indeed needed something that NO-ONE was offering…

You can spend years of your time trying to achieve English fluency (like I did!), OR...

You could get your hands on the English fluency
building "gold" I spent countless years to filter
out for the reasonable one-time investment of just $67!

You can get an immediate access to the entire English Harmony System's 100 unique speech exercising and meditation videos... spread out over 4 modules... each containing hours of interactive video lessons…

You'll be privy to the exact same English fluency building methods and techniques that have helped hundreds of English students just like YOU to achieve complete fluency in the English language!

... And all for a low, one-time investment of just $67!

And you'll also get two invaluable bonuses from me...


Super Bonus #1: "FREE Lifetime Updates"
(Value - Invaluable!)



Have I told you that this is English Harmony's third version? I launched the first “English Harmony” more than six years ago and during this time it’s already helped hundreds of folks just like you to finally start speaking fluent English!

While the strategies in the first version of my system are still just as powerful as they were the day I published them, I've taken the English Harmony concept ten steps further in my new version - de Luxe Edition...

And now YOU are guaranteed to receive new versions of the English Harmony System once a year before I make them available to the general public - for FREE!


Dear Robby,

I'm writing just to thank you for the latest English Harmony System's update I received a couple of days ago, I really appreciate your effort in adding more value to the existing product. And by the way - I really enjoy your System, so keep up the good job helping your fellow foreigners improve English fluency!

Best regards

Lena Simonova, Moscow, Russia

Super Bonus #2: "Personal Customer Support"
(Value - Invaluable!)


 English Harmony System Customer Support

I know that no matter how detailed the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition is, chances are you are still going to have some questions on how to use the lessons and implement the strategies I've laid out for you...

And now, I can guarantee that you'll get the answers you need... thanks to this one-on-one support package - yours FREE!

You'll receive...

    Personal support from me, Robby Kukurs
    A guaranteed response within 24 hours to all e-mails
    Personalized, helpful answers (no "cookie cutter" answers!)

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Hello Robby,

You know what I like most of all about the English Harmony System? That it’s easy to perceive but it works greatly!

It is helpful to me at least. Please do not cease this job and keep aiding people to gain confidence while speaking English just like me!




"My Guarantee To You..."


Having been struggling with mastering the English language for nearly all my life I can understand if you're still a little worried that what I'm offering to you may be too good to be true.

So I've decided to take my offer one step further:


English Harmony System Money Back Guarantee

My Personal 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

English Harmony AuthorI Insist You To Test-Drive English Harmony System de Luxe Edition for FULL 60 DAYS…

… if after 60 days of using this English fluency system you still haven’t started speaking English the way you’ve always dreamed about - fluently - then let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

Fair Enough?

That means you can try out the ENTIRE English Harmony System de Luxe Edition completely at my risk, while you see that my English fluency improving interactive videos work indeed… otherwise - which is extremely unlikely - you’ll simply get your money back!



Hi,English Harmony System's Review Jose my name´s Jose, from Spain.

I always had problems when speaking English, especially with native people or people who have a good level, because that situation made me feel ashamed of myself and, despite the fact I tried to do my best, it was hard for me to keep a certain fluency. As the other skills were good enough I wasn't worried so much and I tought that if I wasn't able to have a good fluency it was because I couldn't improve more living in a foreign country.

But one day, I discovered Robby's website and I read some articles which took my attention and I changed my mind. Then I decided to take action and I followed some advises he gives in his articles or videos  to anyone who wants to improve his spoken English. So, I acquired the English Harmony System and after hardly two months I can say for sure that I've had a significant improvement in my spoken English.

Not only I'm not afraid when speaking English with anyone, even I enjoy that moment. Right now, I'm really motivated and I feel confident with my English and the only thing I come up with is to thank a lot Robby's system.

I recommend it to anyone who really wants to overcome the problem of speaking English and use it in a natural way in an every single situation in life you have to face!

Best Regards


Jose, Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain

So as you can see...

"You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose,
And Everything To Gain!"

Based on my own success and the success of the many people who have finally achieved English fluency using the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these English fluency improving strategies WORK... regardless of your age, experience, or background...

And now, you can get an immediate access to the entire English Harmony package...

100 unique speech exercising and meditation videos... spread out over 4 modules... each containing hours of interactive video lessons…

Plus my very special Personal Customer Support - 24/7/365...

All for the low, one-time investment of just $67!

On top of that - FREE Lifetime Updates!

English Harmony System de Luxe Edition

So what are you waiting for?

Order EH System de Luxe Edition
Updated Version for ONLY $67!

Product information: English Harmony System de Luxe Edition consists of 4 main Modules - 3 of them are speech exercising Modules 90 lessons in total and there's one meditation Module with 10 lessons. There are 3 study plans available - 2, 3 and 6 months long - but you can learn at your pace because you have LIFETIME ACCESS!

PLEASE NOTE: Broadband Internet connection is required to do the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition lessons.

Happy speaking,

Robby Kukurs

P.S. If you continue wasting your time and hard earned money on the traditional English learning methods that DON'T DELIVER, you're going to get the same results…

What I'm offering you is the easiest, most risk-free way to try the English Harmony System de Luxe Edition so you can see for yourself how my time tested methods can help you start speaking fluent English and achieve the goals you have always wanted.

Remember - risk free! Why not try it?



English Harmony Customer Bang VuI can hardly contain my own excitement to show my appreciation for your work. After a month of sticking with your accelerated plan, I can see the noticeable improvements in the way I talk in English!

There is no more shyness, things are looking up and I feel much more confident than ever before when communicating with native English speakers.

I started feeling the sense of accomplishment while receiving some positive feedback on my spoken English from native speakers. Your product totally lives up to its billing even from scratch; I even rely on some of the phrases brought up in your product to give this feedback. It’s true to the best of my knowledge; this is probably one of the best investments I have ever made in my lifetime.

Your product addresses most of fluency issues that struggling foreign English speakers run into. It's really exactly what you were saying: “you are striving for fluency, you are striving for perfection”.

The key to speak English fluently is to let word combinations go into you mind subconsciously and naturally. The more pressure you put on yourself, the harder you speak English fluently.

In addition, I’ve started perceiving my mistakes from a very different standpoint. To put it simply, I don't feel sorry for my mistakes anymore; I just take it as part of the learning experience and I'm looking forward to get the most out of your product in the very near future!

Many thanks for your dedication and willingness to motivate me toward my goal of Fluency!

P.S. I highly recommend anyone who still struggles with their own spoken English to give this product a try, and no doubt it will live up to your expectation. You can take my words for that!


Bang Vu, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam