Ask Robby: Why Do I Start Forgetting English After Moving Back to My Country?

By Robby

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Improve Spoken English

In this video I’m responding to Arzhin’s comment which you can read here and here’s what he asks:

Robby I have been in an English country for 4 years. So I could speak English very well. Then I backed to my homeland. So since one year ago I am living on my homeland. But because here is no one to talk with, and no one speaks English here. So I feel that I am forgetting things. Please tell me what to do!

Also, he goes on to ask the following:

Once I read that you know 3 languages fluently how don’t you mix them? Or forget them? I need that technique!

Well, here’s my video response, and I hope that all of you are going to find it useful! 😉

Merry Christmas Everyone ❗