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FGC Goal #1: American Slang #28 GO SEE/WATCH/DO SOMETHING…

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Good morning my friends! 😉

Did you know, by the way, that it’s totally fine to omit the word AND when saying things like:

I’ll go AND check on my sister to make sure everything’s OK.

I had to go AND watch a movie with an old friend of mine even though I didn’t like it!

Let’s go AND see what food we can round up!

Yes, in conversational English it’s 100% fine to omit the word AND so the above sentences become:

I’ll GO CHECK on my sister…

I had to GO WATCH a movie…

Let’s GO SEE what food…

Some people might hold the view it’s an incorrect English grammar construct, but I don’t think we should be trying to curb the development of the English language and stick ONLY to what’s written in an English grammar textbook.

I’d rather read some English fiction, and in this particular case I came across the grammar construct GO + VERB plenty of times while reading the GONE series books written by Michael Grant.

I’ll choose real life English taken from modern fiction over boring grammar textbook stuff any day, and I warmly suggest you follow the same path, my fellow foreigners!


Robby 😀

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